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Providing water for wildlife in a dry state

Living in one of the driest states in the nation has its challenges for Utah residents, wildlife included. For many years now, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) — along with other agencies and groups — have been developing water sources for wildlife across the Western states.

Kokanee: to release or to keep?

During the summer months, kokanee salmon are the "bread and butter" fishery on Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Kokanee preference is as high as 60-percent and many anglers travel from all over the country to fish for these highly prized sportfish.

Building nurseries for big-eared bats

The Allen's big-eared bat is an uncommon bat found in the southern third of Utah. This pair of ears with a small bat behind it maneuvers its way through forests and riparian thickets, capturing insects from high in the mountains to deep in desert canyons.

Chasing owls in Utah's west desert

You know how everyone has a thing they're into? For example, my dad's thing: Coca-Cola. He has Coke ornaments, cups, sweaters, pens and even an old-fashioned Coke diner booth installed at his house. My coworker's thing is dolphins. My mom's thing is unicorns.

Fly fishing isn't so scary

Fly fishing. Just saying it aloud is scary. For a gal from Mississippi, fly fishing isn't something I learned while growing up. I've seen it in movies, magazines and heard folks talk about it around the office, but never did I dare try to tackle this daunting form of fishing.

Now you can keep frogs in your pocket

You know the frogs that keep you up at night when your windows are open or you're out camping? With the help of Utah's Hogle Zoo, we've created a smart phone app that'll allow you to finally identify those noisy, secretive critters!

Mapping the Tushar mountain streams

Can the impact of wildfire on fish habitat be measured? Why are certain stream locations more heavily impacted by wildfire? Can fish habitat and populations be managed to increase the resilience of native fishes, including sport fish and endangered species, to wildfire disturbance?

A little owl makes a big journey

Burrowing owls are a bit unique as far as Utah owls are concerned. Prairie dog burrows are their favorite nesting sites in southeastern Utah. Scorpions, beetles and pocket mice are typical fare, but after the young are raised and cold weather makes food scarce, they head south. But where?

Backyard beauties

Viewing widlife, particularly mountain goats, often requires a long drive. However, this is not the case today! For the past few weeks, between 13 and 18 mountain goats have been hanging out near Ogden City limits on the cliffs between Taylor Canyon and the cliffs directly east of the 22nd Street trailhead parking lot.

Eight New Year's resolutions for anglers

Christmas is behind us and we're looking ahead to 2015. We thought of some resolutions for the fishermen and women in Utah.
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