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Dead bull elk left to waste in a forest in Sevier County

DWR seeking information after 2 bull elk killed, left to waste in Sevier County

Cedar City — Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officers are seeking information after two bull elk were recently killed and left to waste in Sevier County.

Both bull elk were shot and killed in the Browns Hole area on Fishlake Mountain in Sevier County. Investigators believe one of the elk — a 2×3 bull elk — was shot on Oct. 8 on the opening day of the spike bull hunt. The animal was found next to a cedar tree near an open sagebrush area.

Dead bull elk left to waste in a forest in Sevier County

The second elk — a 5×4 bull elk — was killed sometime around Oct. 12. The animal was shot with a small caliber bullet. No attempt was made to remove the meat from either elk. It is illegal to allow protected wildlife to be wasted.

Anyone with information regarding the illegal killing of these elk, or any other wildlife-related crimes in Utah, is encouraged to report it to DWR conservation officers in one of the following ways:

If you have information about this specific case, you can also contact DWR Conservation Officer Julie Sabattis at 435-868-8003. A reward is available, and requests for confidentiality are respected.

Every year, Utah conservation officers conduct numerous investigations into the illegal killing of wildlife. In 2021, officers confirmed 1,153 animals were illegally killed valued over $610,000.

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