Lifetime fishing and hunting licenses

Lifetime licenses initially became available on March 28, 1984. A lifetime license holder can fish and hunt in Utah without having to purchase an annual hunting, fishing or combination license. Additionally, upon completing the annual questionnaire, lifetime license holders also receive a general season deer permit at no additional charge.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) stopped issuing lifetime licenses in 1994.

Completing your lifetime questionnaire

You can access the questionnaire during the Big Game application period. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Big Game application.
  3. Enter your lifetime license number and your date of birth.
  4. Make your selection and proceed all the way through the Review and Submit portions of the application. You will not be charged an application fee for your questionnaire.

Common questions

For more information, read the full text of the Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License administrative rule.

If you have any questions after reading the above information, please contact any DWR office or call 801-538-4844.

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