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Getting an authorization number

You must register for a free authorization number.

Get authorized

Anyone entering a WIA property for hunting, trapping or fishing must first obtain the annual Walk-in Access Authorization number.

There is no fee to obtain the authorization, but you must have it with you while on any WIA property. You can be asked to leave any WIA property — and could receive a citation for trespassing — if you cannot provide your number.

Keep in mind — each property is still privately owned land and has specifically permissible activities, access dates, and boundaries. Having an authorization number does not permit use of the property for any purpose except what is listed on the Division's WIA map webpage.

The authorization number is used by the Division to determine which properties are of most value to the public.

You can obtain a WIA authorization number online through our license sales system. The authorization is free, but must be added as an item to check out via your online sales cart like any other license or permit (no credit card is required). After logging in, click on "Available Licenses," then under the categories "Hunting" or "Fishing" you will see the option to add "Walk-in Access" to your cart for a $0 charge.

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