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Learn how to catch kokanee salmon

Free seminar June 18 in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY — You can learn how to catch kokanee salmon at a free seminar in Salt Lake City. And, if you attend, you might get a chance to use your new skills during a free guided fishing trip.

You can learn how to fish for kokanee salmon at a free seminar.

You can learn how to catch kokanee salmon at a free seminar in Salt Lake City.

Photo by Ron Stewart

Three guided kokanee salmon fishing trips will be given away at the seminar.

Utah's Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council is offering the free seminar. It will be held June 18 at the Department of Natural Resources, 1594 W. North Temple in Salt Lake City. It begins at 7 p.m.

Paul Birdsey, cold water sport fisheries coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says many anglers in Utah would like to catch kokanee salmon, but they're not sure how to get started.

"The seminar will give you the basics you need so you can feel confident pursuing this fish," he says. "Even experienced anglers should learn a thing or two."

Four kokanne salmon experts will present the seminar. Two of them — Wayne Leslie and Jared Johnson — are avid kokanee anglers. The remaining presenters — DWR biologists Alan Ward and Ryan Mosley — manage two of the best kokanee salmon fishing waters in Utah: Strawberry and Flaming Gorge reservoirs.

The seminar will cover the following:

  • Biology and ecology of kokanee salmon
  • Reading electronics, and control-depth fishing
  • Tackle and rigging
  • Fishing Strawberry and Flaming Gorge

After the presentations, you can ask the presenters questions.

If you have questions about seminar, call the DWR's Salt Lake City office at 801-538-4700.

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