Utah Cutthroat Slam completion form
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Utah Cutthroat Slam medallion, featuring Yellowstone cutthroat trout

Utah Cutthroat Slam completion form

Did you finish your slam?

Congratulations on completing your cutthroat slam!

Complete the form and submit your photos, and we will verify your slam. Once it's official, you'll receive a stunning medallion to congratulate you on your achievement. You'll also receive an official program-completion certificate and have your cutthroat photos posted online at utahcutthroatslam.org.

To complete the form, you'll need your customer ID, slam registration number and catch photos of the four fish species.

Your registration number is listed next to CODE/LICENSE #. It does not include the four characters before the /.

Want to learn more about or sign up for the Utah Cuttroat Slam? Visit utahcutthroatslam.org.

Having issues with the form below? Try the standalone form at utahdwr.formstack.com/forms/cuttslam.

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