Team Wildlife: Conserving habitat, helping species
Team Wildlife: Conserving habitat, helping species

Wildlife is all around us, from the songbirds flitting around our backyards, to trout rising from a rushing river, to nimble mountain goats scrambling up Utah's highest peaks. We work with many partners and outdoors enthusiasts — like you — to ensure we will have healthy habitat and wildlife for generations to come.

Hunting and fishing fund conservation in Utah

Most of the funding used to manage fish and wildlife populations — and to continually improve their habitats — doesn't come from the general taxes that everyone pays. The majority of Utah's wildlife funding comes from you, the people who hunt and fish and love the outdoors! Your purchases of hunting and fishing licenses and permits (and all the gear you need to use them) help fund wildlife conservation in Utah.

Stream restoration. Wildfire rehabilitation. Planting projects. Fish stocking. Wildlife transplants. These projects wouldn't be possible without those who hunt and fish. If you're hunting and fishing in Utah, you're a conservation champion and a member of Team Wildlife!

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We are Team Wildlife

As passionate stewards of our state's fish and wildlife, we are dedicated to keeping Utah's wildlife wild. Our team includes:

Team Wildlife: Restoring habitat
  • Wildlife managers protecting habitats for the people we serve and the species we manage
  • Biologists removing invasive plants to reduce the severity of wildfires
  • Biologists replanting watersheds to provide healthy habitats for waterfowl and spawning fish
  • Conservation partners restoring native plant species for deer and elk foraging and shelter
  • Purchasers of land and easements to ensure public access for hunting, fishing, hiking and other recreational activities — as well as providing a place for wintering wildlife
  • Aquatics scientists fighting to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic mussels and keeping fish species disease-free
Team Wildlife: Stocking fish for you to catch
  • Biologists supporting the recovery of native fish and wildlife species
  • Geographic information specialists using cutting-edge technology and research to make data-based decisions that help wildlife
  • Administrators strategically allocating fees from fishing and hunting licenses and permits to directly fund conservation efforts
  • Hatchery personnel stocking fish for you to catch
  • Hunters selectively harvesting to meet the objectives of healthy and thriving animal populations and funding conservation
  • Conservation officers protecting our communities and tracking down poachers

From Utah's snow-capped mountain ranges to our spectacular red rock deserts, we are conserving fish and wildlife species and preserving crucial habitats every day. We are Team Wildlife.