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Backyard beauties

If you live in northern Utah, mountain goats are closer than you might think.

By Phil Tuttle
DWR Northern Region native aquatics biologist

Do you live in Ogden? Look up! You may see these beauties.

Viewing widlife, particularly mountain goats, often requires a long drive. However, this is not the case today!

For the past few weeks, between 13 and 18 mountain goats have been hanging out near Ogden City limits on the cliffs between Taylor Canyon and the cliffs directly east of the 22nd Street trailhead parking lot.

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Do you live in Ogden? Look up! You may see these beauties.

These beautiful, fluffy animals are easy to see due to their white coats that stand out against the contrasting red cliffs.

While spotting scopes are typically essential to view distant wildlife, this herd of goats is easily seen with the naked eye, just a couple hundred yards above the popular Bonneville shoreline trail.

One particular goat that some have dubbed "Gruff" (he has a broken horn) can often be seen with the group of lively goats.

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Additionally, several "kids" or juvenile mountain goats have been seen playing and jumping among the rocks, seemingly unaware of their precarious surroundings.

The animals move around daily and are not always in plain sight. But they are often visible in the late afternoon as the sun reflects off their snow-like coats on the picturesque red cliffs east of Ogden.

Please keep in mind that these are wild animals and they need their space. That being said, get out and enjoy watching these amazing creatures from your own backyard!

Phil Tuttle

Phil Tuttle

Phil Tuttle is a native aquatics biologist in the DWR's northern region. He's an avid angler and enjoys watching wildlife.

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