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Nine Mile Reservoir

Daily fish limit removed at Nine Mile Reservoir during repairs

Nine Mile Reservoir
Nine Mile Reservoir

Nine Mile Reservoir — The daily limit for all trout species at Nine Mile Reservoir was removed Aug. 10, allowing anglers to catch and keep as many of the fish as they want during maintenance work at the reservoir.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Director Mike Fowlks issued the emergency change to the 2020 Utah Fishing Guidebook to give anglers the opportunity to catch more trout at the Sanpete County reservoir, which is being drained for infrastructure work this fall. Repairs will be made on the outlet valve works to help with low water levels at the reservoir.

After the reservoir is drained, the low water levels — combined with freezing conditions this winter — will result in the loss of any fish that remain in the waterbody.

"Nine Mile Reservoir mostly offers rainbow trout, but also has some tiger trout," DWR Regional Aquatics Manager Chris Crockett said. "There have been some nice-sized rainbows caught recently, and we'd like anglers to be able to enjoy them so they aren't wasted. Anglers should note that the water levels are currently quite low, and the water is muddy, so fishing may be a little more difficult than usual."

The previous daily limit at the reservoir was four trout total. The change that removes the limit will be in effect until Dec. 31, 2020. All the other rules in the Utah Fishing Guidebook regarding Utah waterbodies have not changed and remain in effect.

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