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Utah's upland game slams

Help Utah's upland game and add another challenge to your hunts.

Reminder: participants no longer need to pick up slam cards from retail partners. Instead, they may buy Upland Game Slam entry vouchers online or at any license agent, then submit photos online to complete each slam.

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The Upland Game Slam encourages hunters to harvest a variety of upland game species and help fund a variety of habitat and upland game-related projects.

Upland game slam coins

There are currently eight different slams, which you complete by harvesting the target species. Each slam is designed to give you a extra challenge while you're hunting and the opportunity to earn a commemorative, collectable coin.

Earn coins like those shown in the photo when you complete Utah's Upland Game Slams.

List of Slams

Appetizer Slam — harvest a Mourning dove, California quail and Gambel's quail (during their respective hunting seasons) within a single season

Fur or Feather — harvest any legal upland game species in Utah

Forest Fliers — harvest dusky and ruffed grouse (1 dusky grouse and 1 ruffed grouse) within a single season

Gobbler Getter — harvest a turkey (in either fall or spring)

Long-tail Limit — harvest your pheasant limit (2 rooster pheasants in a day)

Blister — harvest your chukar limit (5 chukar in a day)

Ultimate Slam — harvest one each of 15 different upland game species (May be completed over multiple years.)

  • California quail
  • Gambel's quail
  • chukar
  • cottontail rabbit
  • dusky grouse
  • gray partridge
  • greater sage-grouse
  • jackrabbit
  • mourning dove
  • ring-necked pheasant
  • ruffed grouse
  • sharp-tailed grouse
  • showshoe hare
  • white-tailed ptarmigan
  • wild turkey

Youth Ultimate Slam — harvest one animal from each of six different upland game species groups (Must be 17 years old or younger. May be completed over multiple years.)

  • Any quail (California, or Gambel's)
  • Any rabbit (white-tailed Jack, black-tailed Jack, cottontail, or snowshoe hare)
  • Any grouse (ruffed, dusky, sharp-tailed, or greater sage)
  • Any dove (mourning, white-winged, or Eurasian collared)
  • Ring-necked pheasant
  • Any partridge (chukar or gray/Hungarian)

How to participate

To begin, you need to buy an Upland Game Slam entry voucher online or at any license agent. The entry fee is $20 for hunters 18 years of age or older or $10 for hunters 17 years of age or younger. (Entry vouchers look similar to hunting licenses and are printed on license paper.)

Once you've purchased your entry, you'll be ready to complete your slams. Starting this year, you no longer need to pick up a slam card from a retail partner to participate. Instead, you can complete your slam by submitting a photo of yourself with each animal online to complete each slam. You do not need to have a slam card or your entry voucher in the photos.

Where to hunt certain species

The Utah Upland Game and Turkey Guidebook includes hunt tables, and species distribution and identification information.

The online Recreation Access Map will also show species distribution maps. You can also contact your local DWR biologist.

What the slam makes possible

As a result of the Upland Game Slam, we've completed a number of habitat projects in recent years. Some of these efforts have improved habitats for upland species, and others have established upland species in new areas across the state. Read more about projects funded by slams.

General Rules

You must have a valid hunting or combination license.

You must follow all current wildlife regulations while hunting. You must have a proper permit (tag) to hunt greater sage-grouse, sandhill crane, sharp-tailed grouse, band-tailed pigeon, white-tailed ptarmigan and wild turkey.

Completing a Slam

New this year: you no longer need a slam card to participate. Instead, you can submit a photo of yourself with each animal online to complete each slam.

To complete a slam, take a photo of yourself with the harvested animals clearly visible. Then, fill out the simple form on our website to send us your photos.

Species limit slams must be completed in a single day and the limit of the species must appear in your photo.

Multi-species slams must be completed in a single hunting season. You can submit separate photos of each species, they do not need to be in the same photo.

The Ultimate Slams can be completed over multiple years. To qualify for the youth Ultimate Slam, you must be 17 years old or younger.

At the end of the season, we will send you a coin for each slam you successfully complete. If you complete the Ultimate Slam, your award will be personalized with your name.


The Slam is a partnerships between the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and multiple conservation organizations and sponsors.

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