Digital books, or eBooks, are a format that makes it easier to read books on a phone, tablet or computer. Digital book readers often include advanced features that allow readers to easily search a document or look up words in a built-in dictionary.

ePub format

You can view books in the open-source ePub file format using most eBook reading software. iPhone and iPad users should download Apple's free iBooks reader. We recommend Barnes and Noble's free NOOK reader for Windows, Mac or Android.

Note: Nook reader users cannot download an ePub file directly from the Nook web browser. Read how to transfer ePubs to your Nook reader.

Kindle format

Amazon Kindle readers do not natively support digital books in ePub format. However, the DWR provides all of its digital books in the Kindle-compatible Mobi file format.

If you're a Kindle user, you should follow these instructions to transfer the guidebook to your reader.

You can also view the guidebook in Kindle format using's free Kindle reader for most computers and devices.

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