2011–12 Utah Waterfowl Guidebook

Utah Waterfowl Guidebook cover

Download the 2011–12 Utah Waterfowl Guidebook — (PDF format, 3 MB)

Downloading the 2011–12 Utah Waterfowl Guidebook will take seven to ten minutes using a 56Kbps modem. Adobe's free Acrobat Reader is required to view and/or print the proclamation.

Broadband Internet users can download a high-res version of the 2011–12 Utah Waterfowl Guidebook — (PDF format, 19 MB)

Note: This is the final edition of the 2011–12 Utah Waterfowl Guidebook. If you downloaded the draft edition on or before September 6, 2011 please make sure you pick up or download the final edition.

Corrections to the guidebook

The corrections that appear below address errors in the printed guidebook. We have fixed these errors in the downloadable PDF guidebook.

  • Page 23–24: Due to the light goose season emergency closure, we have updated the guidebook to reflect that light goose hunting is closed on September 17, 2011 (Youth Hunting Day).
  • Page 27: There was an error in the shooting times listed for November 6, 2011. Shooting begins at 6:34 A.M. and ends at 5:18 P.M.
Emergency changes to the guidebook
  • LIGHT GOOSE SEASON CLOSURE — SEPTEMBER 17, 2011: (Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day)— (PDF format)
    • The light goose season — which includes snow blue and Ross' geese — will be closed to all hunting on September 17, 2011 (Youth Hunting Day). The Division erroneously identified a longer light goose season than is allowed by the federal framework. This one day closure, which brings the Division into compliance, was selected because the possibility of harvesting a light goose in Utah in September is rare.

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