Online hunter education with an in-person field day

Total field day time:
5 hours minimum
Class meets:
1–2 days
Purchase Registration Certificate then contact the instructor listed with the course.

This course is required to obtain a hunting license in Utah if you were born after December 31, 1965

Students may complete online courses at their own pace before attending an instructor-led field day. Online courses include instruction on firearm safety, hunter responsibility, and ethics. The field day portion of the training includes practical application scenarios including crossing a fence or obstacles with a firearm, wildlife identification, zones of fire and basic rifle shooting fundamentals. Upon completion of the field day, each student will take a written exam and undergo a live-fire shooting exercise. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend any portion of the training.

* Some facilities charge to rent a room or range, which increases the student cost.

Ready to take this course?

1 Purchase a Registration Certificate. Purchase a Hunter Education Registration Certificate ($10) before attending this class. You may purchase a certificate at any division office or licensed agent. The instructor must have this certificate to officially enroll you in the class.

2 Find a field day in your area (Includes hands-on workstations, a written test and a shooting test)

3 Contact the field day instructor. You must contact the instructor to get officially enrolled in the field day. Contact information is listed with the course.

4 Study the online material in preparation for the field day. There are several online courses available. You may choose any of the course listed, but you must present proof of completion to your instructor at the field day.

Online course providers
This online course is provided by a private vendor and includes narration, illustrations, animations and videos. It also includes a virtual field day to prepare you for your field day and your time in the field.
Fee: $29.00 paid to
Proof of completion: Field Day Voucher.
This course is provided by a private vendor which includes narration in both English or Spanish and has interactive animations.
Fee: $19.50 paid to
Proof of completion: Field Day Qualifier Certificate
This online course, which is provided by a private vendor, includes narration and interactive animations.
Fee: $13 paid to
Proof of completion: Completion Certificate

All study materials in these courses are free of charge. There may be a fee required, however, to print the proof of completion document.

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