Hunter Education transfer affidavit
Hunter Education Hunter Education
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Utah Hunter Education Program Transfer Affidavit

Utah Code Annotated, Section 23-19-11 and DWR Administrative Rule R657-23

To transfer your out-of-state hunter education certification to Utah, fill out the following form. Note: You must be a Utah resident. You must also upload proof that you have completed an approved hunter education program — such as a course completion certificate from another state, province or country. (If you'd rather not upload your proof of completion, please complete the paper version of the form instead.)

Please submit only one transfer request per person, and note that requests may take up to 10 days for us to receive. Once we have received your request and verified that you have completed hunter education, we will mail you a Utah completion certificate.

If you prefer to complete a paper version of this form, bring it and your proof of completed hunter education to the nearest DWR office, or mail to:

DWR — Hunter Education
1594 W. North Temple Suite 2110
Box 146301
Salt Lake City, UT 84114

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