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Great Salt Lake Nature Center

IMPORTANT: The nature center at Farmington Bay is temporarily closed.

Nature Center classrooms

Classrooms at the GSL Nature Center

A NEW NATURE CENTER is being constructed at Farmington Bay to provide a fun, unique place for people of all ages to enjoy their Great Salt Lake experience. It will be a place that local communities will be proud of and promote as a destination for birders, photographers, students, families and tourists.

Although the current facility is temporarily closed, you may still use the trails. The new nature center is expected to open in the fall of 2016.

Located in the heart of the Great Salt Lake wetlands, Farmington Bay is a birder's paradise. Millions of migratory birds and shorebirds visit this area each year, taking advantage of its unique ecosystem. This remarkable place is within just a few minutes' drive of the densely populated Wasatch Front.

The current nature center consists of two temporary, modular trailers. There are limited restroom facilities and the site does not have running water. The trailers have been useful, but they cannot accommodate high-volume, year-round use. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, with the support of the Utah Legislature, Davis County, Utah Wildlife in Need, and other partners, is excited to get started on this exciting construction project.

If you have questions about the Great Salt Lake Nature Center, please contact the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources at dwrcomment@utah.gov.

Nesting season access restrictions

Nesting season at Farmington Bay WMA is from March 1 to September 15. Vehicle access is restricted to the main road, ending at Goose Egg Island. During this time visitors must stay on the dirt roads and trails at all times.

Dogs are not allowed at Farmington Bay WMA and the Nature Center during nesting season. From September 16 to February 28, dogs are allowed on the Nature Center trails, as long as they are leashed.

Horses are not permitted at any time, and fishing is never allowed.

See a PDF trail map of the Nature Center.

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