You've done the work and obtained your Dedicated Hunter permit for this year. What happens will depend on whether you harvest an animal.

Using your permit

Your permit is valid for all of the following general seasons:

  • Archery
  • Extended archery
  • Muzzleloader
  • Any legal weapon (rifle)

Your hunting boundary is the deer unit listed on your permit. (For additional information, please see the current Big Game Application Guidebook and review the program rules.)

During your three years in the Dedicated Hunter program, you may harvest a maximum of two deer — and no more than one per year. If you harvest deer in each of your first two years, you will not receive a permit the third year and you are still required to complete all of your service hours.

Returning your permit

The moment your permit is issued, a harvest is automatically credited to your account. If you don't actually harvest a deer, you need to return your permit — and its attached tag — to the DWR. Then, the harvest will be removed from your record. To return your permit, take it to your local DWR office or mail it to:

  • Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
    Attn: Dedicated Hunter Program
    PO BOX 146301
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114

For more information, see the program rules.

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