Species tables for Utah's fish, mollusks and crustaceans
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Species tables for Utah's fish, mollusks and crustaceans

Learn more about possession limits, prohibited species and mandatory reporting.

Utah has the following classifications for the collection and possession of fish, mollusks and crustaceans:

  • Prohibited — Utah's prohibited species include aquatic animals that are classified as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act as well as species that have been documented to cause ecological or economic harm within the United States. Prohibited species cannot be collected or possessed in any number without a variance (exception) obtained from the Utah Wildlife Board. Then, a certificate of registration must be issued by the DWR before any prohibited species can be collected or possessed.
  • Controlled — Controlled species are animals whose illegal release could impact native fish, mollusk or crustacean populations, or damage valuable sportfish populations.
  • Noncontrolled — Noncontrolled species are those that have either:

    • Low probability of survival if they are illegally introduced in Utah.
    • Minimal impact on other species if they are released.

    Noncontrolled species are widely available at pet shops. Most (but not all) ornamental fish, mollusks and crustaceans are classified as noncontrolled. Piranhas, red-bellied pacu and tilapia are sometimes illegally sold at pet stores, and the possession of these species is prohibited.

    Noncontrolled species can be purchased from in-state vendors without a COR from the DWR. However, an import permit from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is required if any species (including noncontrolled species) are imported into Utah from another state.

Important: Once you remove any fish, mollusk, or crustacean from the wild — whether it's non-native or native — it may not be released back into the wild.

Prohibited species (possession limit is zero)

The following species are classified as prohibited for any collection and possession, which means you may not collect them from the wild and keep them unless you have special approval (called a variance) from the Utah Wildlife Board:

Prohibited fishes
Common name Scientific classification Comments
Alewife Alosa pseudoharengus
Asian swamp eel Monopterus albus
Bighead carp Hypophthalmichthys nobilis
Black carp Mylopharyngodon piceus
Bonytail Gila elegans
Bowfin Amia calva
Brook stickleback Culaea inconstans
Burbot Lota lota
Colorado pikeminnow Ptychocheilus lucius
Eurasian ruffe Gymnocephalus cernuus
Flathead catfish Pylodictis olivaris
Gar Family Lepisosteidae All species
Grass carp (diploid) Ctenopharyngodon idella Triploid grass carp classified as controlled
Humpback chub Gila cypha
Ide Leuciscus idus
June sucker Chasmistes liorus
Piranhas (all species) Genus Catoprion, genus Pristobrycon, genus Pygocentrus, genus Pygopristis and genus Serrasalmus All species
Nile perch Lates niloticus
Northern snakehead Channa argus
Razorback sucker Xyrauchen texanus
Red-bellied pacu Piaractus brachypomus
Red shiner Cyprinella lutrensis
Round goby Neogobius melanostomus
Rudd Scardinius erythrophthalmus
Sand shiner Notropis stramineus
Sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus
Silver carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix
South American parasitic catfish Family Cetopsidae and family Trichomycteridae All species
Tiger fish Hydrocynus vittatus
Tench Tinca tinca
Tilapia Genus Coelotilapia, genus Coptodon, genus Heterotilapia, genus Oreochromis and genus Sarotherodon All species
Virgin River chub Gila seminuda
Walking catfish Clarias batrachus
Woundfin Plagopterus argentissimus
Zander Sander lucioperca
All fish species that are not listed as noncontrolled, controlled or prohibited are presumed prohibited.
Prohibited mollusks
Common name Scientific classification Comments
Asian clam Corbicula fluminea
Channeled apple snail Pomacea canaliculata
Brown garden snail Cornu asperum
Cellar glass-snail Oxychilus cellarius
Chinese mystery snail Cipangopaludina chinensis
Decollate snail Rumina decollata
Faucet snail Bithynia tentaculata
Giant floater Pyganodon grandis
Giant garden slug Limax maximus
Golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei
Gray field slug Deroceras reticulatum
New Zealand mud snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum
Paper pondshell Lymnaea stagnalis
Quagga mussel Dreissena rostriformis
Red-rimmed melania Melanoides tuberculata
Southern flatcoil Polygyra cereolus
Veined rapa whelk Rapana venosa
Zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha
All mollusk species that are not listed as noncontrolled, controlled or prohibited are presumed prohibited.
Prohibited crustaceans
Common name Scientific classification Comments
Asian shore crab Hemigrapsus sanguineus
Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis
European green crab Carcinus maenas
Fishhook water flea Cercopagis pengoi
Killer shrimp Dikerogammarus villosus
Marbled crayfish Procambarus virginalis
Marron crayfish Cherax tenuimanus
Redclaw crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus
Rusty crayfish Orconectes rusticus
Signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus
Spiny water flea Bythotrephes longimanus
Yabby crayfish Cherax destructor
All crustacean species that are not listed as noncontrolled, controlled or prohibited are presumed prohibited.

Controlled species

The following species are classified as controlled for collection and possession, which means you may not collect them from the wild and keep them unless you receive a certificate of registration from the DWR.

Controlled fishes
Common name Scientific classification Comments
Bear Lake sculpin Cottus extensus
Bear Lake whitefish Prosopium abyssicola
Black crappie Pomoxis nigromaculatus
Bluegill Lepomis macrochirus
Bluehead sucker Catostomus discobolus
Bonneville cisco Prosopium gemmifer
Bonneville whitefish Prosopium spilonotus
Brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis
Brown trout Salmo trutta
Bullhead (all species) Ameiurus sp
Channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus
Common carp Cyprinus carpio
Cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarkii
Desert sucker Catostomus clarkii
Fathead minnow Pimephales promelas
Flannelmouth sucker Catostomus latipinnis
Lake trout Salvelinus namaycush
Largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides
Least chub Lotichthys phlegethontis
Longnose dace Rhinichthys cataractae
Mottled sculpin Cottus bairdii
Mountain sucker Catostomus platyrhynchus
Mountain whitefish Prosopium williamsoni
Northern leatherside chub Lepidomeda copei
Northern pike Esox lucius
Paiute sculpin Cottus beldingii
Rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss
Redside shiner Richardsonius balteatus
Roundtail chub Gila robusta
Smallmouth bass Micropterus dolomieu
Southern leatherside chub Lepidomeda aliciae
Speckled dace Rhinichthys osculus
Splake trout Salvelinus namaycush x Salvelinus fontinalis
Striped bass Morone saxatilis
Tiger muskellunge Esox masquinongy x Exox lucius
Tiger trout Salmo trutta x Salvelinus fontinalis
Utah chub Gila atraria
Virgin spinedace Lepidomeda mollispinis
Walleye Sander vitreus
Western mosquitofish Gambusia affinis
White bass Morone chrysops
White crappie Pomoxis annularis
Wiper Morone saxatilis x Morone chrysops
Yellow perch Perca flavescens
Controlled mollusks
Common name Scientific classification Comments
Ambersnails Genus Oxiloma, genus Catinella and genus Succinea All species
Brown hive Euconulus fulvus
Columns and Daggers Genus Columella, genus Pupilla and genus Pupoides All species
Creeping ancylid Ferrissia rivularis
Desert tryonia Tryonia porrecta
Floater Genus Anodonta All species
Freshwater clams Genus Musculium, genus Pisidium and genus Sphaerium All species
Gems Genus Hawaiia and genus Ogaridaiscus All species
Glass snails Genus Glyphyalinia and genus Nesovitrea All species
Glosses Genus Zonitoides All species
Green River pebblesnail Fluminicola coloradensis
Mexican coil Helicodiscus eigenmanni
Mountain snails Genus Oreohelix All species
Mud amnicola Amnicola limosus
Physas Genus Aplexa, genus Physa and genus Physella All species
Pondsnails and marshsnails Genus Galba, genus Lymnaeasp and genus Stagnicola All species
Rams-horns and gyros Genus Gyraulus, genus Helisoma, genus Menetus, genus Planorbella and genus Promentus All species
Rocky Mountain duskysnail Colligyrus greggi
Small spot disks Genus Disk All species
Snaggletooths and vertigo Genus Gastrocopta and genus Vertigo All species
Springsnails Genus Pyrgulopsis All species
Spruce snail Microphysula ingersolli
Vallonias Genus Vallonia All species
Valvatas Genus Valvata All species
Western glass-snail Vitrina pellucida
Western pearlshell Margaritifera falcata
Controlled crustaceans
Common name Scientific classification Comments
Brine shrimp Genus Artemia All species
Northern (virile) crayfish Faxonius virilis
Pilose crayfish Pacifastacus gambelii

Noncontrolled species

The following species can be purchased without completing the orientation course and receiving a variance from the DWR. Many of these species are available at pet stores.

Noncontrolled fishes, mollusks and crustaceans
Common name Scientific classification Comments
Any ornamental aquatic animal species except those classified as prohibited
Any marine aquatic animal species except those classified as prohibited
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