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Dear Santa, I want to go fishing.

A wish list for 2012.

Robin is the DWR's marketing coordinator and spends much of her time working to get — and keep — people excited about fishing. She is also heavily involved with legislative issues important to the DWR.

No matter how busy life gets, I always try to squeeze in some time for making memories out on the water. This year was no exception.

Some 2011 highlights include watching my friend Melissa catch her first fish (a nice, smallmouth bass) and fishing at Lake Powell where I caught a striper, walleye and crappie. I even got to meet Toby the Wonder Dog—a charming  Yorkshire terrier belonging to Conservation Officer Sean Spencer.

Melissa poses proudly with her first catch—a smallmouth bass at Pineview Reservoir.

I reeled in a 32-inch tiger muskie with the help of Melissa and my coworker-buddy Sorno, had a blast floating the Colorado River with grad school friends in Moab and enjoyed days of tubing and waterskiing on my 1972 Fiberform boat. (Don’t laugh at the boat. It’s paid for.)

It’s been a long time since I made requests to Santa, but just in case he happens across this blog post, I’m going on the record. Here are some of my on-the-water wishes for 2012:

1. To go fishing with my dad—something I don’t recall having ever done

2. A chance to try ice fishing

3. To land a big laker at Flaming Gorge (hint, hint, Russ, this will involve you)

4. To experience the craziness of a striper boil at Lake Powell

Happy holidays and may the New Year be filled with all your favorite outdoor activities.

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