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Antlerless elk-control permits

Information about hunting antlerless elk in 2023.

During the 2023 season, the Division will offer antlerless elk-control permits for seven hunting units.

See the statewide map

You may only obtain an antlerless elk-control permit if you have a buck, bull or once-in-a-lifetime permit for areas that overlap antlerless elk-control hunting units.

Example: If you have a permit to hunt buck deer on the Pine Valley unit, you may purchase an antlerless elk-control permit and harvest an antlerless elk on the Pine Valley unit during your deer hunt.

New this year: In 2023, there is an antlerless elk-control hunt on the Ogden unit. (The West Desert, Tintic and West Desert, Vernon hunts have been discontinued this year.)

If you obtained a permit (including general season) to harvest a buck, bull or once-in-a-lifetime species on any of the listed units, you have the option of purchasing an antlerless elk-control permit. If the unit is a Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU), you must also have approval from the CWMU operator.

The antlerless elk-control permit allows you to harvest an antlerless elk in the same unit where you'll already be hunting an antlered big game animal. Antlerless elk-control permits are not valid statewide. Please verify all hunt boundaries before heading into the field. You may hunt the antlerless elk only during the season dates — and with the same weapon — listed on your buck, bull or once-in-a-lifetime permit.

Hunting buck deer and antlerless elk

If you will be hunting buck deer and antlerless elk at the same time, please visit the online map of Utah's antlerless elk-control units. Enter your buck deer hunt number in the field on the left side of the map to see where your deer hunt boundary overlaps the antlerless elk-control unit boundary. You may only hunt antlerless elk in the areas where the antlerless elk-control unit (diagonal lines) overlaps your buck deer unit (gray-shaded area).

Hunting bull elk and antlerless elk

If you will be hunting with a general-season any bull permit and an antlerless elk-control permit at the same time, please verify your boundaries for the antlerless elk portion of the hunt. You may only hunt antlerless elk in the areas where an antlerless elk-control unit (diagonal lines) overlaps a general-season any bull elk unit:

Important: Limited-entry bull elk and general-season spike elk permit holders are not eligible to purchase antlerless elk-control permits.

Obtaining an antlerless elk-control permit

On July 27, 2023, you can obtain an antlerless elk-control permit. You can buy the permits online and at license agent locations and Division offices.

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