NASP program requirements
National Archery in the Schools Program National Archery in the Schools Program
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NASP program requirements

Can a school participate in NASP if it doesn't obtain a grant?

If your school is awarded a National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) grant, you will be required to meet the following requirements during your participation in the program*:

  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the school and DWR. The school principal or an authorized school administrator must sign the agreement.
  • Complete a Federal Excise Tax Exemption Form. (Firearms, ammunition and archery equipment have a special tax placed on them at the manufacturer level. Government agencies and educational institutions are exempt from this tax but must fill out a form.)
  • Send at least one teacher to Basic Archery Instructor training.
  • Notify the NASP State Coordinator at the DWR within 30 calendar days if a NASP-certified teacher leaves the school, and identify the teacher who will take his or her place.
  • Teach the NASP course to a majority of the school's student body.
  • Require each student who participates in NASP to submit a participation form.
  • Submit a report to the DWR that includes a summary of the number of students taught, a copy of each student's participation form, and the number of times the NASP course was taught during the school year. For the each school year, THE REPORT IS DUE BY APRIL 15.
  • Maintain archery equipment in a safe and operational manner.
  • Commit to participate in the annual NASP State Tournament.
  • Return all NASP equipment purchased through the grant program within 60 calendar days to the DWR if the program is discontinued.

The DWR agrees to do the following when working with Utah schools that participate in NASP:

  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (between the school and DWR).
  • Provide Basic Archery Instructor training for up to two teachers per school. The DWR may charge a nominal fee per teacher to cover per diem expenses (approximately $10 per person).
  • Supply NASP-licensed equipment to the schools that participate in NASP. The DWR will order the equipment after the teachers complete Basic Archery Instructor training and after the DWR's NASP coordinator receives the school's contribution toward the total equipment cost.
  • Coordinate NASP in Utah and serve as liaison with the national NASP organization.
  • Host an annual NASP State Tournament.
  • Proactively monitor Utah NASP schools to ensure — and assist with — adherence to the school accountability agreements.

*If your school participates in NASP without a grant, you must meet all the listed program requirements, with two exceptions: You do not have to return your equipment to the DWR, and you are not required to participate in the state tournament.