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Apply for a bear-baiting certificate of registration

If you have obtained a limited-entry bear permit that allows you to use bait — and you would like to set up a bait station — you must apply for a certificate of registration at a DWR office or by filling out the application form below. The bear-baiting COR must be paid for and approved before you place any bait.

Note: If you already have a bear-baiting COR and wish to move your bait station, you must first remove all materials used as bait from the original station before you apply for a new COR. The DWR will not issue a COR for your new station until you clean up your old station.

Step 1: Pay fee

A nonrefundable, $10 handling fee is required to receive a bear-baiting COR.* Click "Buy COR now" to open a separate tab to pay the fee.

Buy COR now

*If you already have a COR and are moving your bear-baiting station, you may not need to pay the fee again. Please contact your regional office for details.

Once you've paid the fee, you will receive a confirmation email with an order number. Please use this order number in the COR application form below.

Step 2: Register your bait station(s)

Complete the form below. The following items must be included in this application:

  • Order number (from your payment confirmation email)
  • GPS coordinates of your proposed bear-baiting station (latitude and longitude)
  • Description of the type of bait you plan to use
  • If land is privately owned, written permission from the landowner
  • If land is publicly owned, verification from the district office of the land management agency confirming that the proposed site is open to baiting

Once all of your information has been submitted to the DWR and your payment has been processed, you will receive the bear-baiting COR at the email address you have provided.

For more information about the rules, regulations and requirements related to bear baiting and bear hunting, see Utah Administrative Rule R657-33.

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