Last modified: April 10, 2019

Wildlife disease in Utah

2017 deer check stations test for chronic wasting disease

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources needs your cooperation.

Hunters will play an important role in chronic wasting disease (CWD) surveillance happening this year at Utah Division of Wildlife Resources check stations. During the first few days of the rifle hunt, we will be collecting samples at a number check stations across the state, and we're encouraging successful hunters to cooperate with our requests.

When you stop at a check station, agency staff will:

  • Take lymph nodes from your deer
  • Ask you a few questions, including the location where the deer was harvested

The entire process will take a few minutes, and your cooperation will help us monitor the disease and study its impact on the state's deer herds. Testing results will be available for you to view online within six weeks of sampling.

Chronic wasting disease — a degenerative neurological disease that affects deer, elk and moose — was first detected in Utah in 2002. A total of 72 deer and 2 elk have tested positive for CWD. Learn more about the disease and where it's been found in Utah.

NOTE: Although there isn't proof that CWD poses a risk for human health, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention does not recommend the consumption of animals that test positive for CWD. If your deer tests positive for CWD, the Division will replace your hunting tag (for the same unit) for free next year, as long as all materials (meat, antlers, bones, etc.) are handed in for incineration.

You can get your deer checked at the following locations:

Northern Utah

Date Location
Oct. 21–22 Mouth of Blacksmiths Fork Canyon, Highway 101
Oct. 21–22 Pineview at Andersons Cove Campground (south side of Pineview Reservoir on Highway 39)
Oct. 21–22 Mountain Green rest area off I-84 westbound
Oct. 21–22 Logan Canyon

Central Utah

Date Location
Oct. 21–22 Mouth of Fairview Canyon
Oct. 21–23 South Santaquin exit off of I-15
Oct. 21–23 Spanish Fork Canyon (just across from the covered bridge on SR-6)

Northeastern Utah

Date Location
Oct. 21–23 Strawberry Valley near Strawberry Reservoir
Oct. 21–23 Steinaker Reservoir
Oct. 21–23 SR 43, west of Manila and near the Wyoming border

Southeastern Utah

Date Location
Oct. 21–23, 29 & 30 2000 East on SR-6 in Wellington (at the junction of Ridge Road and SR-6)
Oct. 21–23, 29 & 30 La Sal Junction (intersection of US-191 and SR-46)

If you have questions, please contact a Division office.

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