This data set and report would not have been completed without the contributions of many people. We thank Clay Perschon, Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Project Leader, UDWR for enthusiastically supporting this project. Other UDWR personnel who contributed to the organization and analysis of data are Greg Evans, Paul Birdsey and Kirk Poulsen, database design; Frank Howe, Russell Norvell and Dave Mann, study design and data analyses; Mark Davidson, and Jim VanLeeuwan, equipment maintenance. Steve Biggs, Clair Schaffer and Craig Hunt piloted us safely back and forth across the lake for our aerial surveys. Seasonal employees were invaluable in their participation in survey work and data entry. Thanks to Joel Flory, Elizabeth Annand, Henry E. Ford, Shelly Kremer, Lindsey Dewey, and John Neill. John Neill also contributed to the compilation of several of the data tables found in this report.

Wallace Gwynn, Utah Geological Survey, provided important data regarding GSL elevation and salinity. Jonathan Bart, USGS, was helpful in providing data analysis consultation. Some financial support was received from USFWS, in addition to editorial comments from Suzanne Fellows and Karen Lindsey. Antelope Island state Park personnel were generous in their contributions of office space for project managers, equipment storage and survey participation. Farmington Bay WMA managers also kindly allowed us to store equipment at their facility and participated in the survey effort. We appreciate the enthusiasm and willingness to participate in this study of other state, Federal and private and corporate site managers. Many private landowners graciously allowed project volunteers access on their properties for surveys. We especially thank our cadre of volunteers who braved the sun, rain, wind and muck to count birds 17 times a year for five years (Table 19). Their effort was enormous and a project of this scope could not have been completed without their participation. We appreciate their support, friendship and respect for Great Salt Lake and her waterbirds.

Table 19. Great Salt Lake Waterbird Survey participants.
This list is unfortunately not all-inclusive. There are several people not on this list
that gave time and effort to contribute to this study and our records did not capture their names.

Albanese, Gene

Halliday, Karen

Neptune, Dawn

Anderson, Kathy

Harvey, Adrienne

Neville, Ann

Annand, Elizabeth

Hatch, Jolene

Norvell, Russell

Armantrout, Hank

Hayness, Michelle

O'Brien, Deedee

Bachman, Val

Henry, Adonia

O'Connell, Ann

Ballard, Leanna

Hill, Melissa

Oliver, George

Bates, Steve

Hillard, Ryan

Orton, Kay

Beeny, Lance

Hooker, Lori

Packer, Nate

Beeny, Tara

Howe, Frank

Parrish, Jim

Berger, Randy

Hudman, Chris

Paul, Don S.

Beyer, Senta

Huntington, Bob

Pearce, Ann

Birdsey, Paul

Jancart, Susan

Pearce, Maunsel

Bloch, Yvonne

Jochum-Natt, Stephanie

Perschon, Clay

Brown, Chris

Johnson, Bruce

Peterson, Cheryl

Bruner, Sue

Johnson, Richard

Peterson, Joel

Bryner, Yae

Johnston, Dan

Reed, Rick

Butler-Curl, Jaimi

Johnston, Laura

Roletto, Jan

Cady, Candace

Jorgensen, Ray

Roundy, Steve

Caldes, Clair

Kadesch, Margot

Roy, Vickie

Carpenter, Gordon

Kearl, Debbi

Rudman, Jill

Case, Bill

Kearl, Rick

Ryburn, June

Catchelin, Adrienne

Kelly, Patrick

Saenz, Joe

Chase, Dan

Klein, Kimberly

Saffle, Sue

Chelminski, Michael

Koch, Brandee

Sherman, Kevin

Christiansen, Lynn

Kramer, Pam

Slaughter, Danielle

Ciak, Penny

Kremer, Shelly

Smith, Bill

Clapier, Dave

Larsen, Elizabeth

Smith, Harold

Clark, Alan

Laurila, Pamela

Smith, Margaret

Cline, Chris

LeBer, Jeanne

Sorensen, Ella

Collins, Dennis

LeBlanc, Cecile

Stafford, Cindy

Currie, Vera

Lee, Dave

Stauffer, Jim

Darnall, Nathan

Light, Avis

Sterner, Shannon

Davidson, Jenny

Light, Jim

Stroup, Yvonne

Davidson, Mark

Lindsey, Karen

Swartzfager, Marsha

DeFreitas, Patrick

Loeffel, Leslie

Szczypinsky, Mark

Dewey, Lindsey

Low, Blair

Torres, Maria

Dick, Ann

Luft, John

Torrey, Jack

Dolling, Justin

Magasich, Phil

Trimmer, Edie

Douglass, Phil

Manes, Sam

Tripp, Tom

Evans, James

Manning, Ann

Tropea, Kim

Ewing, Louise

Marden, Brad

Warchol, Glen

Fletcher, Bonnie

Markin, Melanie

Warrick, Curtis

Flory, Joel

Martinson, Wayne

Watson, Alan

Ford, Henry

Martz, Maxine

Watts, Ardean

Freeman, Terry

Melcher, Jaye

Welty, Todd

Frokjer, Chris

Merola, Paul

Werner, Ron

Gardiner, Kirk

Mills, Mike

White, Mel

Goodell, John

Natt, Mark

Wood, Mike

Gray, Bill

Neff, Darcie

Wyss, Larene

Gray, Sylvia

Neill, John

York, Elaine

Hall, Chauncey

Nelson, Marie

Zuby, Kris

Hall, Emily



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