Pursuing the delisting of gray wolves has been a priority for the state of Utah for years. Delisting gray wolves would allow the state to protect wildlife and livestock in Utah.

An organization called Big Game Forever recently submitted a report to the Division of Wildlife Resources regarding its efforts to help get gray wolves delisted.

“We’ve reviewed Big Game Forever’s report,” says Greg Sheehan, director of the Division of Wildlife Resources, “and it appears the report reflects the work the organization has done for the state of Utah to help get the gray wolf delisted.”

Sheehan says it’s important that efforts continue to get the gray wolf delisted. “We’re pleased with the recent proposed delisting, but the comment period isn’t over yet,” he says. “The state is also concerned about the proposed listing of Mexican wolves that’s mentioned in the same document that deals with the potential delisting of gray wolves. Listing Mexican wolves could have a negative affect on livestock and wildlife in Utah.”

Former Governor Jon Huntsman, current Governor Gary Herbert and the state legislature have wanted to see gray wolves delisted for some time now. “The Division of Wildlife Resources is pleased to see the progress that’s being made in getting the gray wolf delisted,” Sheehan says.

Sheehan’s comments follow comments made a few weeks ago by DWR Mammals Coordinator John Shivik in a June 3 news release.