Commercial Hunting Area application overview

You must submit an applications to start a new Commercial Hunting Area (CHA), change boundaries, add species, or renew when the three-year Certificate of Registration (COR) has expired. Applications require approval from Utah Division of Wildlife (DWR) regional offices before being forwarded to the DWR Salt Lake office for final review and issuance of a COR.

Annual reports and fees are required each year for a CHA's COR to remain valid. Annual reports and invoices are mailed out by the DWR on April 1 and are due to a regional office by May 1, or within 30 days of the season close if the CHA has a season variance. There is a 30-day late period from May 2 to May 31 when applications can still be accepted.

CORs expire on June 30, three years after being issued and must be renewed by submitting a renewal application.

Please refer to the Commercial Hunting Area Administrative Rule (R657-22) for details on legal requirements of running a CHA.

This year all annual reports and applications will be collected at the DWR regional offices. Send annual reports and/or applications to your regional DWR office.

The 2015 Utah legislative session amended state code to require that CHA hunters be at least 12 years old. The current law is now consistent with general hunting requirements throughout the state. A hunter needs to have proof of passing a division-approved hunter education course (if born after 1965) or have a trial hunting authorization. A hunter does not need a hunting license to hunt on a CHA.

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