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Utah's conservation officers work to protect our wildlife heritage on behalf of ethical sportsmen and others who value wildlife. These dispatches represent a fraction of the ongoing efforts to protect your wildlife resources.

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Cougar killed in Utah County

UTAH COUNTY — On January 26, 2014, Utah Wildlife officers received a call on the Utah Turn In a Poacher (UTIP) hotline. The report was provided by a concerned and displeased citizen. The individual indicated he and his young daughter had just witnessed the unlawful killing of a mountain lion.

The concerned citizen stated he and his daughter were hiking the hills east of Payson, Utah. At a distance, they noticed several individuals kneeling and moving near the base of a small tree. The individuals near the tree saw the father and his daughter approaching and fled west toward Payson Canyon. The citizen and his daughter hiked to the small tree.

Under the tree there was the carcass of a recently killed cougar. The carcass was covered in blood and surrounded by several large rocks, believed to have been used in the killing of the cougar. The concerned citizen searched the area, but was unable to locate the individuals responsible.

Conservation officers responded to Payson Canyon to investigate the incident. Officers searched the area, but were unable to locate the individuals involved.

Anyone with information related to the illegal killing of this animal, or any other, is encouraged to contact the poaching hotline at 1-800-662-3337. Rewards are available and requests for confidentiality are respected.

  • Shawn Bagley
  • Additional contact:
    Lieutenant Bruce Johnson

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