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Utah's conservation officers work to protect our wildlife heritage on behalf of ethical sportsmen and others who value wildlife. These dispatches represent a fraction of the ongoing efforts to protect your wildlife resources.

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Moose poaching investigation near Mill Hollow Reservoir

This young bull moose was recently poached north of Mill Hollow Reservoir.

SUMMIT COUNTY — On October 6, 2013, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Conservation Officer Brent Kasza received information regarding a poached moose through the UTiP hotline.

Officer Kasza responded to the scene where he found a young bull moose lying dead about a half mile west of the Mill Hollow Road, north of Mill Hollow Reservoir. A necropsy was preformed on the moose carcass and it was determined the moose had been shot.

A witness observed the crime; he saw two individuals — one appeared to be an adult hunter, and the other a juvenile. The adult hunter shot the moose and walked away.

Anyone with information related to the illegal killing of these animals, or any other wildlife crime, is encouraged to contact the UTiP Hotline at 1-800-662-3337. Rewards are available and requests for confidentiality are respected.

Every year, Utah conservation officers conduct numerous investigations into the illegal killing of wildlife. In 2010, officers confirmed 902 illegally killed animals valued at over $307,000.

  • Officer Brent Kasza
  • Additional contact:
    Sergeant David Beveridge

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