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Utah's conservation officers work to protect our wildlife heritage on behalf of ethical sportsmen and others who value wildlife. These dispatches represent a fraction of the ongoing efforts to protect your wildlife resources.

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Officers nab suspect accused in North Logan City buck shooting

The suspect accused of shooting this buck within city limits is now facing two misdemeanor charges.

Officers from the Division of Wildlife Resources and North Park Police Department recently concluded their investigation into the illegal killing of a well-known buck in North Logan City limits.

"Through our investigation we were able to determine that the buck, a large trophy deer, 29 inches wide, was shot in North Logan City limits while the suspect was trespassing," says DWR Conservation Officer Chris Schulze.

This was a violation of North Logan City ordinances for shooting in city limits, and because the buck was killed while the suspect was trespassing, the act was in violation of Utah state law as well.

"Our primary concern is always public health and safety. A valid hunting license does not authorize someone to shoot within cities which forbid the discharging of a weapon," Schulze adds.

DWR officers seized the rack from the suspect. The suspect now faces two misdemeanor charges: shooting within city limits and unlawful taking of wildlife while trespassing.

"This buck and this case have received a tremendous amount of interest and concern from local residents and, as always, we appreciate those who were concerned enough to do the right thing and come forward with information."

  • Chris Schulze
  • Additional contact:
    Mitch Lane

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