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Thirty deer hunting units in 2012

Salt Lake City — Deer hunters, the wait is over. The number of smaller areas Utah's five general season regions will be split into for the 2012 season has been decided.

Mule deer

General season deer hunting in Utah in 2012 will happen within 30 smaller areas known as hunting units.

Photo by Mike Keller

And that number is 30.

The decision to split Utah into 30 smaller areas called units was made June 9 by the Utah Wildlife Board.

The boundaries for the 30 hunting units mirror the boundaries for management areas the Division of Wildlife Resources set up decades ago. The DWR split the state into management areas to help biologists gather biological data about the wildlife in each area.

"These unit boundaries were established a long time ago to encompass deer populations in the state," says Anis Aoude, big game coordinator for the DWR. "The units have clear, definable boundaries. The boundaries should be easy for hunters to follow."

See maps that show the boundaries for each of the 30 units.

The Wildlife Board will determine the number of permits for each unit in spring 2012.

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