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1,000 chukar to be released soon

Youth chukar hunt happens Sept. 21

PRICE — Wildlife biologists are going to release about 1,000 chukar partridge across Utah soon.

Chukars being released in Utah.

Wildlife biologists are going to release about 1,000 chukar partridge across Utah soon.

Photo by Brent Stettler, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Five areas in Carbon and Emery counties will receive a total of 400 of the pen-reared birds. The areas where the birds will be released provide good chukar habitat and good access for chukar hunters.

Those 15 years of age or younger can hunt chukars on Sept. 21. That's the day Utah hosts its annual youth chukar hunt.

Only those 15 years of age or younger can hunt on Sept. 21. After Sept. 21, the hunt will close until Utah's general hunt, for hunters of all ages, opens Sept. 28.

Division of Wildlife Resources biologists will release chukars before Sept. 21 and then again before Sept. 28.

The following are the areas in Carbon and Emery counties where chukars will be released:

  • Miller's Canyon southeast of the town of Emery
  • The south side of Cedar Mountain near Jim Wilson Reservoir, or near other livestock ponds in the area
  • Above Millsite Reservoir near the town of Ferron
  • The Gordon Creek fields on Consumer's Road, eight miles west of Price
  • The Farnum area southeast of the town of Wellington.

Hunters are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and to hunt in a safe, responsible way. Also, if you see a wing collection barrel in any of these areas, please place wings from your chukars in them. The wings biologists collect provide important information about the success hunters found.

If you have questions, please call the DWR's Southeastern Region office at 435-613-3700.

Chukar partridge

Native to India and Afghanistan, chukar partridge inhabit some of the most inhospitable habitat Utah has to offer.

Chukars live on steep, arid slopes in the barren desert areas of the state. To find the birds, look for rocky, talus slopes that have low growing shrubs on them, such as cheatgrass, sagebrush and saltbush. Foods chukars typically eat include grass seeds, weed seeds, buds, flowers, and in the winter, new growth cheatgrass.

Chukars are about 15 inches long and weigh about 20 ounces. Males and females are almost identical in appearance, except male birds often have a "button-like" spur on the back of their leg.

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