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Open house for Red Fleet fishery

VERNAL — If you like to fish at Red Fleet Reservoir, plan on attending an open house on Jan. 16.

Biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources are holding the open house to discuss the future of the reservoir's fishery.

The open house runs from 4 – 7 p.m. It will be held in the conference room at the DWR's new Northeastern Region office, 318 N. Vernal Avenue in Vernal.

"Most of the audience will probably be anglers, but all members of the public are invited to attend," says Trina Hedrick, regional aquatics manager for the DWR. "We're in the early stages of planning for the future of the reservoir's fishery, and we want to hear the public's ideas."

At the open house, biologists will provide information from fisheries studies conducted at the reservoir in 2011 and 2012, discuss problems observed from the illegal introduction of walleye to the reservoir, and request comments and concerns from the public regarding a proposed rotenone treatment at the reservoir.

This informal open house will provide members of the public with the opportunity to come and go as they like.

"Even if you can't make it right at 4 p.m., you can still come by later," Hedrick says. "We aren't planning any formal presentations. We'll stay until 7 p.m., regardless of how many people show up at the start."

Hedrick says DWR biologists will informally discuss information in small groups, and people can ask questions or write down comments for the biologists to consider during the planning phases of the project.

"When talking about the future of a fishery," Hedrick says, "there are always sideboards, and Red Fleet is no exception. However, if the public comes up with some good ideas, we do have the ability to incorporate some of their requests."

For more information about the open house, call the DWR's Northeastern Region office at 435-781-9453.

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