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Hunt preview: find water, find deer

If conditions don't change, finding water will be critical to finding deer when Utah's most popular hunt — the general rifle buck deer hunt — starts Oct. 17. Fortunately for hunters, there are plenty of deer to locate. Utah's herds have plenty of bucks. And the overall number of deer in the state is the highest it's been since the early 1990s.

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Tips for the rifle buck deer hunt

Utah's most popular hunt — the general rifle buck deer hunt — begins Oct. 17. If you're one of the lucky hunters who has a permit for the hunt, getting prepared now — by gathering materials and gaining knowledge — is the key to a safe and successful experience.

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Kokanee salmon fishing change

If you enjoy fishing for kokanee salmon in Utah, a change in 2016 will make it easier to know when you can and can't keep salmon, no matter which water you're fishing in the state. The change will also protect salmon that spawn early in the fall and those that spawn later.

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Youth get first crack at pheasants

Utah will host its annual youth pheasant and quail hunt on Oct. 10, 11 or 12. This might be the best time this fall to take a young person pheasant or quail hunting. Because those who are 17 years of age or younger will have Utah's pheasants and quail all to themselves.

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Chukar numbers the best in 17 years

During a recent helicopter survey over central Tooele County, wildlife biologists saw something they've seen only twice in 20 years: more than 100 chukar partridge per square mile. The previous high, 117 chukars per square mile, was seen in 1998.

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You're the key to fighting poaching

You might not realize it, but your eyes and ears are the key to fighting poaching in Utah. Division of Wildlife Resources Captain Mitch Lane says DWR conservation officers catch plenty of wildlife violators on their own. But the officers are spread thin. That's where you come in.

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Watch migrating birds of prey

Thousands of hawks, eagles and other birds of prey fly through Utah's crisp, clear skies every fall. You can see the birds, and learn more about them, at Utah's annual Raptor Watch Day.

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Duck numbers high, lake level low

The number of ducks counted on North American breeding grounds this past spring was the highest in 60 years. That's great news for Utah's hunters: it means more ducks than ever will migrate though Utah this fall.

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Get a duck call, take an airboat ride

If riding in an airboat and learning the basics of duck hunting sound like fun, you need to be at the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area on the morning of Sept. 12. That's the day the Eleventh Annual Utah Youth Waterfowl and Outdoor Festival will be held.

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Distributing future expo permits

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Utah Wildlife Board will soon select a conservation organization to distribute up to 200 hunting permits at a Utah-based expo.

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