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DWR seeks input on deer, elk plans

The management plans that determine the total number of deer and elk in Utah are up for revision. Division of Wildlife Resources biologists are recommending changes to the deer plan would allow them to use the most up-to-date habitat information available to decide whether deer population objectives should be raised, lowered or remain the same.

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Tiny tiger muskie make history

They are small, but they just made history. On April 19, Cottonwood and Bullock reservoirs were each stocked with 100 tiger muskie fry. These are the first tiger muskies bred and hatched in Utah and in the West.

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State Parks ramps up mussel fight

It just got harder for a quagga or zebra mussel to slip into one of Utah's state parks. Personnel with Utah State Parks recently completed two days of training at Utah Lake State Park. They learned how to inspect boats for the invasive mussels and how to decontaminate boats if mussels are found.

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Groups raise $1.3 million for wildlife

Utah's wildlife received a $1.3 million gift recently. The gift will fund 66 different projects. The gift came courtesy of Utah's conservation permit program.

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Is a record fish lurking in Scofield?

If catching big tiger trout sounds like fun, you should visit Scofield Reservoir in the next few days. In February, the reservoir in central Utah produced not one—but two—Utah state record fish.

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No prairie dog shooting after April 1

You can't shoot prairie dogs after April 1, 2012

From April 1 to June 15, hunting for Gunnison's and white-tailed prairie dogs is prohibited on public land across Utah. (White-tailed prairie dogs that live in Coyote Basin in northeastern Utah and Utah prairie dogs are fully protected.)

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Angler catches record tiger trout

A new state record tiger trout has been caught in Utah. Last week—after a day of fishing at Scofield Reservoir in central Utah—an excited Trent Peery dropped by the Division of Wildlife Resources' office in Springville with the gigantic tiger trout he caught earlier that day.

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Fishing on the edge

Reports are coming in that the ice is melting on the lower elevation reservoirs. This usually brings a smile to anglers because it means that good fishing is here!

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Wild turkeys have a new home

Seventy-two wild turkeys were released in southeastern Utah on Feb. 5. The 72 turkeys will augment turkey populations in the area that had been reduced in number by heavy snows that fell during the winter of 2009–2010.

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Fishing is heating up near the shore

If you like to catch trout from the shore, start paying attention to Utah's fishing reports—some of the best shore fishing of the year is about to begin.

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