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Cold ice means hot fishing

That's right — those "crazy" people you see standing on the ice at waters across Utah in the winter aren't so crazy after all. They know a layer of cold ice means hot fishing in the water just under it.

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Greg Sheehan named DWR Director

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and the Utah Department of Natural Resources are pleased to announce the selection of Greg Sheehan as the new director of the Division of Wildlife Resources. Sheehan, a department employee with 20 years' experience, has been the DWR's Administrative Services chief since 2002 and has served in key advisory and administrative roles for some of the agency's most notable successes.

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Possible falconry changes

Rules that guide how falcons are used to hunt wild game in Utah will be discussed at an upcoming series of public meetings. After you've reviewed the ideas, you can let your Regional Advisory Council members know your thoughts.

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Watch bighorn sheep near Green River

Early December is the perfect time to see Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. That's why Division of Wildlife Resources personnel have chosen Dec. 1 as the day to hold Utah's annual Bighorn Sheep Watch.

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Rainbows and aggressive brown trout

If you've fished Deer Creek Reservoir in the summer — and in the fall — you probably had two completely different experiences. In the summer, the reservoir was probably filled with recreational boaters and personal watercraft.

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Learning more about burbot

If you see nets and other sampling gear in the water at Flaming Gorge Reservoir this fall and winter, don't be alarmed. The equipment is part of a project to learn more about burbot that were released into the reservoir illegally.

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Very few big game changes

Some major big game hunting changes — including splitting Utah into 30 general deer hunting units — have happened in Utah in the past two years. 2013 should be a lot quieter.

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Swans are flying into the marshes

For years, the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge west of Brigham City has been "the" place to go to take or see a swan in the fall. And that hasn't changed. The refuge is still a great spot to hunt and view swans.

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Two bull elk shot, left to rot

Two big bull elk were found rotting in northeastern Utah in early October. Wildlife officers need your help to solve the cases.

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Use more hooks, bow fish at night

Starting Jan. 1, you can have up to three hooks on your fishing line. And if you'd like to bow fish for common carp at night, you can. Those changes are among several fishing changes members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved for 2013.

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