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Is a record fish lurking in Scofield?

If catching big tiger trout sounds like fun, you should visit Scofield Reservoir in the next few days. In February, the reservoir in central Utah produced not one—but two—Utah state record fish.

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Angler catches record tiger trout

A new state record tiger trout has been caught in Utah. Last week—after a day of fishing at Scofield Reservoir in central Utah—an excited Trent Peery dropped by the Division of Wildlife Resources' office in Springville with the gigantic tiger trout he caught earlier that day.

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Wild turkeys have a new home

Seventy-two wild turkeys were released in southeastern Utah on Feb. 5. The 72 turkeys will augment turkey populations in the area that had been reduced in number by heavy snows that fell during the winter of 2009–2010.

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See lots of deer this winter

Winter is a great time to see mule deer—and lots of them. Herds that number more than 100 deer are often seen near major roads in Utah. While it's exciting to see deer in the winter, please remember that winter is also the toughest time of the year for deer.

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New ways to hunt black bears

Starting this spring, bear hunters will have opportunities they've never had before in Utah. The new opportunities have been made possible through a new bear management plan the Utah Wildlife Board approved in 2011.

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Spring snow goose hunt at risk

Hunters might lose their chance to hunt snow geese in and near Delta in the spring. During past hunts, landowners in the Delta area have had some difficult encounters with spring snow goose hunters.

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