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Answers about fishing & stream access

To help clear up the confusion and get correct information to anglers, the Division of Wildlife Resources has placed some information about House Bill 141 on its Web site.

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New elk plan approved

At their March 31, 2010 meeting, members of the Utah Wildlife Board revised Utah's elk management plan. The plan, which is updated every five years, guides elk management in Utah.

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Bear raises both cubs

Wildlife biologists found an encouraging sight when they visited a bear den near Vernal: Two bear yearlings, which were just cubs one year before, that were alive and doing well.

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Shed antler gathering on the Henrys

Before your next trip to the Henry Mountains to collect shed antlers, please call or visit the Bureau of Land Management offices in Hanksville or Richfield. To protect the deer, the BLM has enacted a new travel plan. The plan requires motorized vehicles to stay on designated routes.

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3 California condors die in Arizona

After three years without a confirmed mortality from lead poisoning, three California condors have recently died from the biggest challenge to the species' recovery.

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Elk tests positive for CWD

Samples from big game animals taken this past hunting season turned up something never seen in Utah before—an elk with chronic wasting disease.

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Teach kids how to fish

The Division of Wildlife Resources is looking for volunteers to teach 6- to 13-year-olds about fish, the places fish live and how to catch them.

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Board rejects venomous snake change

At their March 4 meeting in Salt Lake City, members of the Utah Wildlife Board voted against a proposal that would have allowed people to collect and keep Great Basin rattlesnakes.

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Interest in venomous snakes growing

The number of Utahns who want to catch and keep a venomous snake in their home is growing. To make sure it's done safely, the Division of Wildlife Resources is proposing several changes to the state law that governs the activity.

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Disease kills NE Utah bighorn sheep

Recent surveys by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) biologists have found most of the bighorns in the Goslin herd near the Green River in Daggett County are infected with the disease. Wildlife managers are actively trying to keep the disease from spreading to other bighorns.

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