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Wildlife pros honored

Eighteen Division of Wildlife Resources employees were honored recently for their work to protect and conserve Utah's wildlife.

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Trout are biting in the Uinta Basin

In the past few weeks, the ice has melted off all of the lower elevation waters in the Uinta Basin—including Starvation, Steinaker, Big Sandwash, Brough, Red Fleet and Pelican Lake—and fishing has been good.

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Get your boat on the water faster

The Division of Wildlife Resources has launched a new online Mussel-Aware Boater program. The program should reduce the time you and other boaters have to spend in line before officials allow you to launch your boat.

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Rusty crawfish found in Colorado

News from Colorado is capturing the attention of biologists, anglers and water managers in Utah. A recent discovery in Colorado may mean that rusty crayfish are moving westward.

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Nine Mile Res. produces 9-pound tiger

Perry Bunderson, of Moore, Utah, has fished Nine Mile for years. And on March 25, fishing the reservoir paid off big time. Bunderson caught a beautiful nine-pound tiger trout.

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Big brown trout on the Weber

DWR Biologists say that fishing is better than it's been in years on the Weber River. In addition to browns and whitefish, if you fish in the Henefer, Peterson or Mountain Green areas, you might catch a nice Bonneville cutthroat trout too.

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Great early-season fishing in N. Utah

If you enjoy catching trout in rivers and streams in northern Utah, you won't have to wait long. Runoff is expected to be lower than normal this spring, which means that some of the year's best river and stream fishing will kick off early.

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Catch big pike at Yuba

Want to know what it feels like to catch a fish that's more than three feet long and weighs almost 20 pounds? You might find out if you grab your fishing gear—including a foot or two of metal leader—and head to Yuba Reservoir in the next few months.

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Answers about fishing & stream access

To help clear up the confusion and get correct information to anglers, the Division of Wildlife Resources has placed some information about House Bill 141 on its Web site.

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Walleye, Utah's tastiest fish

During his 20 years compiling fishing reports for the Division of Wildlife Resources, Scott Root has talked to hundreds of anglers. Without hesitation, he says most anglers list walleye as Utah's best tasting fish.

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