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Good ice fishing, close to home

You have warm clothes and waterproof boots, ice fishing equipment and you have a basic idea of how to locate fish and catch them through the ice. So what's standing between you and a great ice fishing? Maybe only one thing: Knowing which waters in Utah to fish.

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Bird feeding helps wildlife

Finding food in the winter can be a tough prospect for Utah's wild birds. During the cold months of winter, birds need to eat regularly to maintain their body heat. And that's where you can help!

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Burbot bash should help Flaming Gorge

Two state wildlife agencies, four chambers of commerce and the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area are joining forces to fight an unwelcome invader in Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The culprit is an illegally-stocked fish known as a burbot or ling, a freshwater cod native to waters east of the Continental Divide.

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Ice fishing: Finding the fish

Putting your bait or lure at the depth the fish are—and then not moving it much—are the keys to catching fish through the ice. And using some simple devices that will help you know when you have a fish on the end of your line is a big help too.

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Ice fishing: Basic equipment

Catching fish through the ice doesn't require a lot of fancy equipment. A short fishing rod and reel, a few hooks and a package of worms are about all you need. In fact, if you just want to give ice fishing a try, you don't even need an ice auger.

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