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Smaller deer hunting areas for 2012

In 2011, Utah's general buck deer hunt will run very much like it did in 2010—except that the rifle buck deer hunt will run for nine days. While the changes for 2011 are relatively small, the changes for 2012 are huge.

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Director writes letter to deer hunters

After a series of public meetings, the state's Regional Advisory Councils are split over which deer hunting option they prefer. The Utah Wildlife Board will make the final decision when it meets in Salt Lake City on Dec. 2. The meeting is open to the public, and you're invited and encouraged to attend.

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New bear plan ready for review

A new plan that will guide how black bears are managed in Utah for the next 12 years is available for review. After you've reviewed the plan, you can let your Regional Advisory Council members know your thoughts by attending your upcoming RAC meeting or by sending an e-mail to them.

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No federal protection for wolves

The Utah Wildlife Board wants gray wolves removed from the Endangered Species list through federal legislation.

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Native trout returning to Shingle Creek

One of Utah's native fish, the Bonneville cutthroat trout, will soon be returned to the Shingle Creek drainage. Shingle Creek is one of the primary tributaries of Clear Creek, located on the north end of the Tushar Mountains in Piute and Sevier counties.

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Dealing with deer in Bountiful

The city of Bountiful and the Division of Wildlife Resources joined together to develop a program to educate Bountiful residents about things they can do to keep deer from damaging their property.

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Stay on guard; mussels still a threat

Even though boaters are putting their boats away for the season, a nasty little invader — the quagga mussel — could still make its way into Utah over Labor Day weekend.

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Condors get help from hunters

In August, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources mailed rebate coupons to more than 2,000 deer, elk and bighorn sheep hunters to encourage hunters to use non-lead ammunition while hunting on the Zion unit near the Utah/Arizona border.

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Your chance to adopt a desert tortoise

Wouldn't it be fun to have a pet that makes your neighbors "ooh" and "ahh"? As long as you're willing to give up part of your backyard, you can. Division of Wildlife Resources biologists are putting nearly a dozen desert tortoises up for adoption.

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Teach kids to see nature in a new way

Do you love the great outdoors? Would you like to share your passion with others? The Great Salt Lake Nature Center needs volunteers to teach school children and other visitors about wildlife habitat and the importance of protecting it, while guiding them along the center's new 1.5 mile boardwalk.

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