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Wild turkeys released on Elk Ridge

During the past month, the Division of Wildlife Resources has released 96 wild turkeys on Elk Ridge in San Juan County.

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How to see lots of deer

Winter is a great time to see mule deer — and lots of them. Here are some tips to help ensure a good viewing experience for both you and the deer.

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Project gives Hawk new nests

Three organizations teamed up recently to help ferruginous hawks—a bird on Utah's state sensitive species list—find suitable places to nest.

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Unmarked traps lead to $4,000 fine

Dean and Spencer Steele, both of Utah County, pleaded guilty to five Class B Misdemeanors. In addition to paying $4,000, the men also forfeited numerous traps and a bobcat pelt. And both of them might also lose their trapping privileges in Utah.

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Officers bust poaching ring

A tip on the state's poaching hotline has allowed wildlife officers to break a major poaching ring in Utah. Jarod Birrell and Balenda Gutierrez are the latest Utahns to find themselves behind bars because of poaching violations.

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New bear plan approved

The Utah Wildlife Board approved a plan that will guide how black bears are managed in Utah for the next 12 years on Jan. 4, 2011.

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Book Cliffs poaching cases

Seven deer have been poached recently in the Book Cliffs in eastern Utah. Now Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officers are asking for your help to find those responsible.

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Trapping law won't change

On Jan. 4, the Utah Wildlife Board voted 4-2 to keep a requirement that trappers must check their non-lethal foothold traps within 48 hours of setting them.

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Possible coyote trapping change

After a trapper sets a trap to catch a coyote, when should he be required to visit the trap again to see if he caught anything? That's a question you can help answer at a series of public meetings.

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Road safety: Winter storms and deer

Deer crossing highways and Utah's winter storms could lead to a fatal mix this winter. Most of Utah's major roads pass through or travel along ranges deer and elk use in the winter.

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