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Thirty deer hunting units in 2012

Deer hunters, the wait is over. The number of smaller areas Utah's five general season regions will be split into for the 2012 season has been decided. And that number is 30.

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Lock in a deer hunting unit for 3 years

You can lock in the deer hunting unit you want to hunt in Utah for the next three years by joining the state's Dedicated Hunter program. On June 9, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved some changes to the program.

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Peregrine pair hatches 4 baby falcons

Four white, fluffy and newly-born peregrine falcons are enjoying their first days of life in a nest box on the northeast corner of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

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Hot fishing on the Green River

You don't need to cancel your plans to fish one of the country's best trout waters this summer. The Green River in Utah is running higher than normal. But those who have learned how to fish during higher flows are enjoying good to excellent fishing.

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Spring is a great time to catch walleye

Walleye spawn in May. That means that May might be the best time of the year to catch walleye.

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2 boats decontaminated at checkpoint

A surprise was waiting for boaters who entered Utah from Arizona on the morning of May 13. The DWR and the Utah Department of Transportation joined forces to inspect boats and personal watercraft for quagga mussels. DWR personnel inspected 20 boats and watercraft, and decontaminated two boats that had just left infested waters in Nevada.

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High snowpack favors endangered fish

Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program (Recovery Program) researchers are optimistic that water flows in several Upper Colorado rivers this spring will help reduce populations of certain nonnative fishes and help in their efforts to recover the endangered humpback chub, bonytail, razorback sucker and Colorado pikeminnow.

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Cutthroat record set at East Canyon

Curtis Robinson caught and released a 31½-inch cutthroat trout at East Canyon Reservoir this spring. The fish is a new Utah state record.

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Catch big splake at Joes Valley

The next several weeks is the best time of the year to catch big splake at Joes Valley Reservoir. You don't even need a boat or special equipment to catch the big ones.

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Turkey hunt underway (updated)

If you didn't draw a permit to hunt wild turkeys during Utah's limited-entry hunt, you can still hunt turkeys in the state this spring. Utah's general statewide turkey hunt is now underway.

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