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Fat, healthy rainbows at Deer Creek

Thousands upon thousands of fat rainbow trout are waiting for you at Deer Creek Reservoir, and it won't cost you much in gasoline money to give Deer Creek a try. Located just southwest of Heber City, the reservoir is less than 20 miles from Provo.

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DWR director receives award

Jim Karpowitz, director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, recently received the prestigious Phillip W. Schneider Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Catch a variety of trout

The Tushar Mountain range offers great opportunities to catch fish and beat the heat during August. The reservoirs range from Little Reservoir, at an elevation of 7,300 feet, to Labaron Reservoir, at almost 10,000 feet.

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Springville Fish Hatchery opens

The Springville Fish Hatchery was officially opened for raising fish Thursday, August 4. The hatchery closed in April 2005 when whirling disease was detected in some of the fish.

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Magical times for bird watchers

Ron Stewart, a conservation outreach manager with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, says watching birds this time of year is like watching a magic show. "It has all the ingredients," he says, "bright colors, flashy costumes, exaggerated movements and a multitude of sounds to distract your attention away from the real action that's taking place before you."

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Get a free Upland Game Guidebook

Utah's Upland Game & Turkey Guidebook for the 2011–2012 hunting season is now available.

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Bears seen across Utah

From northern Utah to points down south, people are seeing bears across Utah right now. And in places they've never seen them before. Here are a few simple things you can do to lessen the chance that a black bear will visit your campsite or cabin area this year.

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Disabled vets save on fishing licenses

To show its appreciation for the sacrifice you've made, the Division of Wildlife Resources is offering discounted fishing licenses to Utah veterans who have disabilities.

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Great wildlife watching at home

For the past few weeks, many Utahns have enjoyed spectacular wildlife watching—colorful, up close, lively. And they've enjoyed it from the comfort of their home!

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Tall nest structures should help hawks

It's tough being a ferruginous hawk in the Uinta Basin. Fortunately, four private and public entities have teamed up to give the birds some help.

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