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A fatal mix: Daylight Savings and deer

It's nice to have extra daylight in the morning. But if you're driving in deer country, Daylight Savings Time can be a mixed blessing later in the day. As soon as the sun goes down, when many people are coming home from work or leaving home, deer get active and start to feed and that can spell trouble.

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Three Utah hunters face felony charges

Two poaching cases in northern Utah are a sad reminder that poaching is a wasteful activity that reduces opportunities for ethical hunters. If you're the person who commits the violation, poaching can empty your bank account and put you behind bars.

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Biologists search for rare native species

Every fall, biologists from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources search the slower waters of the Green River and some of its tributaries like the White River for young-of-the-year fish. This effort is part of a larger program to monitor and enhance the health of the populations of seven sensitive native species.

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Great fall fishing in northeastern Utah

Remember hearing the advice, "if you want to catch fish, especially big fish, fish early in the spring and in the fall?" It is good advice and this year is no exception. Reports are already coming in of good or fast fishing on many of the region's waters and several big fish have been taken recently by anglers and in Division nets.

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Two changes for Youth Hunting Day

Sept. 17 is the day Utah will hold its special Youth Hunting Day. If you're 15 years of age or younger—and you're looking forward to hunting ducks and geese on Utah's special Youth Hunting Day—you need to be aware of two changes.

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Pole Creek native trout restoration

One of Utah's native fish, the Bonneville cutthroat trout, will soon be expanded throughout the Pole Creek drainage. Pole Creek is one of the primary tributaries of Clear Creek and is located on the south end of the Pavant Range in Sevier County. The stream originates near the Sevier-Millard county line and flows south for approximately seven miles to where it meets Clear Creek.

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Whirling disease in the Green River

The parasite that causes whirling disease has been found in four rainbow trout taken from the Green River below Flaming Gorge dam. Fortunately, Division of Wildlife Resources fish pathologists and biologists don't expect the parasite will affect fish populations in the Green River to any great degree.

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Utah's front line against poaching

DWR officers also have computers in their vehicles. As soon as a call is received, information from the caller appears on the computer screens of every DWR officer in the state.

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DWR offices open five days a week

Starting Sept. 6, 2011 Utah state government offices—including six offices ran by the Division of Wildlife Resources—will be open five days a week. (The offices will be closed on Sept. 5 for the Labor Day holiday.)

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Wildlife professionals honored

Sixteen Division of Wildlife Resources employees were honored recently for their work to help Utah's wildlife. The employees received their honors at the division's Annual Awards Banquet. The banquet was held Sept. 7 at Gardner Village in West Jordan.

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