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Catch big fish at ice off

A couple weeks of warm weather and howling winds have changed the face of reservoirs in the lower elevations of the Uinta Basin. This is good news for anglers. Ice off usually brings a few of weeks of great fishing — especially for larger fish.

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Open water and good fishing

Large bodies of water in north-central Utah — including Utah Lake, and Deer Creek and Yuba reservoirs — are now ice free. Now that the ice is off, several waters either are — or will soon be — providing some of the best fishing of the year.

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Rivers offer great spring fishing

Anglers are feeling the itch to get out and enjoy great weather and open water as ice leaves reservoirs. But, if you fish them before the runoff gets high, you'll also find great spring fishing in several rivers in northern Utah.

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View strutting sage-grouse on April 5

The "bloop, bloop" sound that male sage-grouse make, as they strut on their breeding grounds, is one of the most unique sounds you'll ever hear in nature. You can hear and watch this ritual yourself at a free wildlife-viewing event in east-central Utah. The event will happen April 5 at Emma Park, about 13 miles north of Price.

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Free beginning archery clinic in Moab

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shoot a bow and arrow? A golden opportunity to find out is waiting for you on March 8. That's the day the Division of Wildlife Resources and LaSal Mountain Outfitters will host a free family archery shoot at the LaSal Mountain Outfitter's shop and indoor archery range.

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DWR hosts Loon Watch, April 5

A unique feathered flyer — known for its wailing, yodel-like call — stops in northeastern Utah every spring. You can learn more about the bird on April 5, as the Division of Wildlife Resources hosts its annual Steinaker Loon Watch.

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Antler hunters: Stay on roads & trails

Utah's Antler Gathering Ethics course started as a way to reduce wildlife harassment and habitat damage caused by those gathering shed antlers. The mandatory course, available online, started in 2009. The number of people who have completed the course and participated in shed antler gathering has grown. Unfortunately, recent actions by some who gather shed antlers is still a concern.

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Fishing is heating up near the shore

Ice is melting and pulling away from the shore at some of Utah's mid-elevation waters. If you like to catch trout and other coldwater fish from the shore, pay attention to Utah's fishing reports — some of the best shore fishing of the year is about to begin.

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See hundreds of tundra swans

Seeing and hearing just one tundra swan is enough to take your breath away. Imagine seeing and hearing hundreds of them. You can at Tundra Swan Day. On March 15, the Division of Wildlife Resources will host Utah's annual Tundra Swan Day. Admission is free. The event will be held at the Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area west of Corinne.

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Learn to catch walleyes

Want to catch more walleye in Utah? If you answered yes, plan on attending the Annual Utah Walleye Seminar. The free seminar will be held in Salt Lake City on March 18. It starts at 7 p.m. in the Department of Natural Resources Auditorium, 1594 W. North Temple.

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