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Bald Eagle Day, Feb. 8

Since it began in 1990, Bald Eagle Day has become one of Utah's most popular wildlife viewing events. This year's event happens Feb. 8. Plenty of eagles should be available to see at most of the state's Bald Eagle Day viewing sites.

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Apply for a big game hunting permit

If you're among the thousands of hunters who enjoy hunting big game animals in Utah, it's time to get ready for this fall. The hunts are months away, but the time to apply for a permit is almost here.

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Win cash, prizes at the Burbot Bash

The last weekend of the Burbot Bash is almost here. The bash ends with a bang during the weekend of Jan. 24, 25 and 26. During the weekend, cash prizes of up to $2,500 will be awarded to the five teams with the most fish, five teams with the biggest fish and five teams with the smallest fish. This year, a lease for a new truck will also be given away.

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Bird feeding is fun, and it helps

During the cold months of winter, birds need to eat regularly to maintain their body heat. That's where you could come in. Bird feeding stations can play a pivotal role in helping wild birds survive winter.

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DWR learns what killed bald eagles

Laboratory results have confirmed what officials with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources have been suspecting: West Nile virus killed the bald eagles that have died in Utah over the past few weeks.

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You need a two-pole permit

Many Utah ice anglers like to fish with two fishing poles. Based on calls to Division of Wildlife Resources offices, there's lots of confusion about what's needed to legally fish with two poles this winter. The answer is that you must have a two-pole permit to fish with two poles in Utah.

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Catch fish by finding the right depth

Putting your bait or lure at the depth the fish are — and then not moving it much — are the keys to catching fish through the ice. And using some simple devices that will help you know when you have a fish on the end of your line is a big help too.

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GSL Nature Center needs volunteers

Do the birds, plants and wetlands around Great Salt Lake interest you? Would you like to learn more about them and then share what you learn with others? If yes, the Robert N. Hasenyager Great Salt Lake Nature Center wants you as a volunteer naturalist.

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Basic equipment equals fun ice fishing

You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to catch fish through the ice in Utah. In the second in a four-part series providing tips to beginning ice anglers, we'll focus on the basic equipment you'll need to get started.

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Good ice fishing, close to home

Once you have the basics down, what's standing between you and a great ice fishing experience in Utah this winter? Maybe only one thing: Knowing which waters to fish.

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