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What to do if you find a baby bird

It's not unusual to find newly hatched birds in your yard this time of the year. Placing the bird in the nearest tree is the right thing to do if you find one on the ground. Its parent will find and feed it soon.

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Find a fawn? Here's what to do

It's not unusual to find a deer fawn or an elk calf in the woods—or even in town—this time of the year. If you find a deer fawn or an elk calf, what should you do with it?

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Fall turkey hunt approved

Turkey hunters, don't pack your shotguns away just yet. Yes, the spring hunt is over. But another chance to hunt turkeys is coming up. On June 5, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved a fall general season turkey hunt. It will be the first fall hunt held in Utah since 1984.

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Crow hunt approved in Utah

Starting this fall, hunters can help control a growing population of American crows in Utah. In addition to approving Utah's first crow hunt, members of the Utah Wildlife Board also increased the number of Canada geese and doves hunters can take this fall.

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Apply for an antlerless permit

The chance to apply for a cow elk, doe deer or doe pronghorn hunting permit is almost here. Applications for Utah antlerless permits will be accepted starting May 30, 2014

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State record wiper caught at Newcastle

Russell Nielson had never caught a wiper before. Imagine his surprise when the first wiper he reeled in was a new Utah state record.

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See Salt Lake's peregrine falcons

You can see and learn more about the peregrine falcons in downtown Salt Lake City during a free field trip. The field trip will start at 6 p.m. on June 17 on Temple Square.

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Learn how to catch kokanee salmon

You can learn how to catch kokanee salmon at a free seminar in Salt Lake City. And, if you attend, you might get a chance to use your new skills during a free guided fishing trip.

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See cutthroat trout at Strawberry

You don't have to be an angler to get a close look at cutthroat trout at Strawberry Reservoir. The river runs past the visitor center at Strawberry and into a fish trap and egg-taking facility the Division of Wildlife Resources operates behind the visitor center. Biologists from the DWR will host a free cutthroat trout viewing event from 9 a.m. to noon on June 14.

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Outdoor Adventure Days is coming up

You can learn how to shoot guns, catch fish in a fishing pond and ride all-terrain vehicles at Utah's first ever Outdoor Adventure Days. And it won't cost you a dime. The event is free. The event will be held June 13 and June 14 at the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range.

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