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Don't wait to get an elk permit

Permits to hunt bull elk in Utah are going fast. The general rifle bull elk hunt starts Oct. 4. If you'd like to participate in the rifle hunt, or the general muzzleloader hunt that starts Oct. 29, you need to get a permit soon

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Take a young person duck hunting

Hunters 15 years of age and younger will have Utah's marshes — and the ducks and geese that go with them — all to themselves on Sept. 20. That's the day Utah hosts its annual Youth Waterfowl Hunt. And this year, even young people who haven't completed a Hunter Education course can participate through a new program offered in Utah.

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2014 youth chukar and partridge hunts

Utah's youth chukar and partridge hunts will see some exciting changes this fall. This year, the youth hunts will be longer. In the past, the youth chukar and gray partridge hunts ran for only one day. This fall, the hunts will run for three days: Sept. 20–22, 2014.

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See kokanee salmon at Strawberry

You can see hundreds of bright red salmon — and possibly other wildlife, too — at the annual Kokanee Salmon Viewing Day. The free event will be held Sept. 20 at the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) visitor center at Strawberry Reservoir.

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Approved bobcat hunting changes

Hunters and trappers will have a chance to take more bobcats in Utah this fall. At their Aug. 28 meeting, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved a recommendation to allow an individual hunter or trapper to obtain up to six bobcat permits.

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See kokanee salmon at Sheep Creek

If you visit Sheep Creek to see kokanee salmon on Sept. 20, make sure and bring binoculars or a spotting scope with you. You might see some bighorn sheep too!

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Free waterfowl hunting clinics

If you're new to duck and goose hunting — or you've never hunted ducks and geese before — an upcoming series of hunting fairs, seminars and clinics are something you won't want to miss.

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Encouraging anglers to keep fish

p>Anglers in Utah might not realize it, but the good intentions many of them have might be working against them. Drew Cushing, warm water sport fisheries coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says the number of fish anglers keep in Utah has declined dramatically over the past 10 years.

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Least chub to stay off endangered list

Twenty years of hard work were rewarded recently. On Aug. 25, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that least chub — a tiny fish found only in Utah — is doing well enough that it doesn't need to be listed on the federal Endangered Species list.

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New hunting program starts in Utah

Utah's new Trial Hunting program started in early August. The program allows a licensed hunter, who must be at least 21 years old, to take someone 12 years of age or older hunting.

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