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Release fish the right way

Summer is an important time to catch and release fish properly. Proper catch and release is especially important when temperatures are reaching the hottest they'll be all year. As the water warms, the amount of oxygen in the water declines. Less oxygen makes it harder for fish to recover after fighting with an angler.

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Bobcat hunting changes

Wildlife biologists are recommending changes that could result in more chances to take bobcats in Utah this fall. The recommendations would also result in hunters taking about the same number of cougars this season. During the 2013–2014 season, a total of 330 cougars were taken.

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Biologists see Utah condor chick

It's official: a pair of California condors are raising a chick in Utah. Biologists were hoping a pair of California condors had hatched an egg. Their hopes were realized on June 25 when a condor chick made its first appearance on the edge of a nest.

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See mountain goats in unique terrain

On Aug. 2, the Division of Wildlife Resources will host its annual Goat Watch on the Tushar Mountains east of Beaver. You could see as many as 100 mountain goats, and you might not need binoculars to see them. At some past viewing events, goats have gotten as close as 35 feet to those viewing them.

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Utahns urged to practice safe boating

As the Fourth of July weekend approaches, the Division of Wildlife Resources is encouraging all water enthusiasts to help prevent the spread of the 'STD of the Sea' by 'Practicing Safe Boating' on Utah's waters.

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Guided waterfowl hunt for youth

If you're a young person who's interested, but has little or no experience hunting ducks and geese, the Division of Wildlife Resources, the Utah Conservation Officers Association and the Utah Waterfowl Association have a deal for you — a free hunt guided by some of Utah's best waterfowl hunters.

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Wolverine photographed in the Uintas

As wildlife biologists scanned photographs taken by a trail camera in the Uinta Mountains last winter, they saw something never captured before in Utah: the first official photos of a wolverine.

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Great fishing at high-elevation waters

You can beat the heat, have fun and enjoy breathtaking scenery by grabbing your fishing pole and heading to Utah's mountains. High-elevation waters provide some of the state's best summer fishing.

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Grouse and sandhill crane permits

Fall must be getting closer — applications for three different Utah game bird hunts will be accepted soon. Starting July 7, the Division of Wildlife Resources will accept applications for this fall's sage grouse, sharp-tailed grouse and sandhill crane hunts.

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Saving fish in Gunlock Reservoir

Water levels in southwestern Utah are the lowest they've been in years. Many of the reservoirs are at critically low levels. And some of the streams are barely flowing. The water levels have gotten so low that DWR biologists are doing something different to save some fish.

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