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Basic equipment equals fun ice fishing

You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to catch fish through the ice in Utah. In the second in a four-part series providing tips to beginning ice anglers, we'll focus on the basic equipment you'll need to get started.

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Burbot Bash cancelled

Due to rapidly deteriorating ice conditions and warmer weather forecasted over the next several days, the 2015 Burbot Bash has been cancelled.

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Quagga mussels in Deer Creek

Starting immediately, you must decontaminate your boat before you leave Deer Creek Reservoir in north-central Utah. The requirement comes after DNA tests conducted by two laboratories found microscopic juvenile quagga mussels — called veligers — in a water sample taken at the reservoir.

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Cold ice means hot fishing

January and February don't have to be dreary months. Visiting a frozen pond, reservoir or lake can brighten your day in a flash. That's right — those "crazy" people you see standing on the ice, at waters across Utah, aren't so crazy after all. They've found a fun way to get outside, breathe some fresh air and catch lots of fish.

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Uintah Basin ice fishing clinics

This January, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is offering the free ice fishing clinics in the Uintah Basin. If you'd like to learn how to catch fish through the ice, two ice fishing clinics — and an ice fishing seminar — will show you how.

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Bear population is growing in Utah

At a meeting on Jan. 5, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved some new hunting opportunities in Utah. The new opportunities are hoped to reduce incidents of black bears coming into conflict with people and livestock in 2015.

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Chukar hunting gets better in winter

The onset of winter is good news for chukar hunters. Once snow starts to fall, the birds concentrate in smaller areas. That makes it easier to find the birds. Also, fortunately, chukar partridge live in some of Utah's driest areas. That means you won't have to worry as much about getting your vehicle stuck in snow, or hiking through deep snow, like you might while participating in other hunts.

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Gray wolf killed near Beaver

A coyote hunter accidentally shot and killed a radio-collared northern gray wolf near Beaver on Dec. 28. As soon as the hunter realized the animal he killed wasn't a coyote, he contacted the Division of Wildlife Resources.

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Capturing pronghorn in southern Utah

As the sun peaked over the mountain tops on Dec. 16, the sound of helicopter blades pounded across the sage flats south of Loa and Bicknell in south-central Utah. The sound of the choppers was a sure sign that biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources were conducting a pronghorn capture in Wayne County.

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400 elk at Hardware Ranch

Wild elk are in the meadow at the Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area. That means for the first time this winter, you can take a horse-drawn wagon ride through the middle of the herd. On Dec. 27, Marni Lee, assistant manager at the Hardware Ranch WMA, said cold weather had pushed about 400 elk into the meadow.

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