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Tips for the rifle buck deer hunt

If you're one of the lucky hunters who has a permit for the general season rifle buck deer hunt, getting prepared now is the key to a safe and successful experience that takes advantage of all that deer hunting has to offer.

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Waterfowl Slam launches in Utah

This year, waterfowl hunters can help improve Waterfowl Management Areas (WMAs) while putting a feather in their cap. The Utah Waterfowl Slam challenges hunters to harvest specific types of waterfowl during the 2013–2014 season.

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Apply for a cougar hunting permit

If you want to hunt cougars on a limited-entry unit in Utah, you need to get your application in soon. Applications for hunting permits will be accepted until 11 p.m. on Oct. 9.

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Youth get first crack at pheasants

On Oct. 12 — three weeks before the regular pheasant and quail hunt starts in Utah — those who are 15 years of age or younger will have the state's pheasants and quail all to themselves. That's the day Utah hosts its annual youth pheasant and quail hunting day.

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Chukar numbers keep climbing

Good news, chukar hunters: The number of chukar partridge in Utah keeps climbing. During a helicopter survey over western Box Elder County on Aug. 29, Division of Wildlife Resources Biologist Jim Christensen counted 16 chukars per square mile. That's almost double the nine chukars per square mile he spotted in September 2012.

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Bull elk permits are almost gone

Permits to hunt bull elk in Utah this fall are almost gone. On the morning of Sept. 26, the following general elk permits were still available:

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1,000 chukar to be released soon

Wildlife biologists are going to release about 1,000 chukar partridge across Utah soon. Five areas in Carbon and Emery counties will receive a total of 400 of the pen-reared birds. The areas where the birds will be released provide good chukar habitat and good access for chukar hunters.

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Lots of migrating waterfowl

Plenty of ducks, geese and swans will be available to hunters in Utah this fall. But how long will the birds stay? That's something hunters are wondering about as the start of Utah's general waterfowl hunt approaches Oct. 5.

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Take a young person duck hunting

Hunters 15 years of age and younger will have Utah's marshes — and the ducks and geese that go with them — all to themselves on Sept. 21. That's the day Utah hosts its annual Youth Waterfowl Hunt.

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Hot fishing, cooler temperatures

Despite a dry year, this fall will bring great fishing to Utah as the weather cools down and water levels rise. Drew Cushing, warm water sport fisheries coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, has consistently seen fall produce some of the biggest catches and fastest fishing of the year.

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