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Discuss wildlife at public meetings

Several wildlife-related items, including minor changes to the rule that regulates the take of cougars in Utah, are among items you can learn about and comment on at an upcoming series of public meetings.

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Still time to complete waterfowl slam

There's still time to be among the first waterfowl hunters ever to complete one — or all — of Utah's waterfowl slams. And while you're in the marsh completing the slams, you can do so knowing all of the money you gave to participate will be used to improve waterfowl habitat and make hunting even better in Utah.

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49 bighorn sheep transplanted to Utah

Forty nine bighorn sheep have a new home in southern Utah. Using a helicopter, capture specialists captured the sheep near Lake Mead in Nevada. As soon as the sheep were certified "disease free," they were again flown by helicopter to an area east of Bullfrog, Utah.

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You can keep more fish

Starting Jan. 1, you can have more fish in your freezer at home. And you won't be required to eat fish you catch at waters that have catch-and-kill regulations. Those changes are among several fishing changes members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved at a meeting on Nov. 7. The changes go into effect Jan. 1, 2014.

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Still a chance to hunt cougars

If you don't obtain a limited-entry cougar hunting permit this year, no problem — you can still hunt cougars in Utah. Permits to hunt on harvest-objective units go on sale Nov. 5, 2013.

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Pheasants still being released

Thousands of pheasants were released in Utah before the state's general hunt started Nov. 2. And the pheasant releases aren't over. Between now and the end of the hunt, thousands of additional pheasants will be released on Thursdays or Fridays, just in time for hunters heading out for the weekend.

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Get close to mule deer

November is the perfect time for wildlife watchers and photographers to get close to mule deer without spooking them. Instead of worrying about humans, mule deer bucks spend their energy breeding or fighting other males. To take advantage of this time of year, Division of Wildlife Resources personnel will host a free Mule Deer Watch on Nov. 16.

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Swans are flying into the marshes

In just eight days, the number of tundra swans in Utah more than tripled. On Oct. 28, more than 6,600 swans were spotted during a survey Blair Stringham flew over marshes on the northeastern shore of Great Salt Lake.

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Hunting changes to be discussed

Archery deer and pronghorn hunting might be allowed on some of Utah's waterfowl management areas in 2014. And eight different areas in Utah might receive transplanted mule deer. This change is among several changes Division of Wildlife Resources biologists are proposing for Utah's 2014 big game hunts.

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Cold weather means hot burbot fishing

Interested in catching 25 to 50 fish in a couple of hours? Last fall, some anglers did even better than that at Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Their secret is fishing for burbot from boats in the fall.

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