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Utah black bear population growing

The number of black bears in Utah has increased over the past several years. While it's thrilling to see a black bear in the wild, having more bears in Utah has led to more run-ins between bears and people. And conflicts between bears and domestic cattle and sheep are increasing too.

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Apply for a turkey hunting permit

Even though snow has barely touched the ground in some areas in Utah, one group of Utahns — the state's turkey hunters — are already preparing for next spring. And they have lots of reasons to be excited about next spring.

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See bighorn sheep

You can see Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep up close at the annual Bighorn Sheep Watch. The Division of Wildlife Resources will host the free event on Dec. 6 along the Green River in southeastern Utah.

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DWR launches hunting & fishing app

Carry all of your licenses and permits on one mobile device

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah.Gov, a leader in mobile and online technology, with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) recently launched a free Hunting and Fishing iPhone and Android app. The application gives Utah's outdoor enthusiasts the best information available on their mobile phones and helps them get the most out of their outdoor adventures. The application is Utah's mobile resource for wildlife events, licenses, permits, and communicating with the DWR for outdoor enthusiasts.

You can download the free app on Android or Apple devices.

You can download the free app on Android or Apple devices.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources photo

Greg Sheehan, director of the Division of Wildlife Resources, says the free app allows hunters, anglers and wildlife watchers to blend their outdoor adventures and the latest technology together, "The app makes it easier to obtain and display hunting and fishing licenses," Sheehan says. "It provides users with quick access to information that will help them in the field. We encourage you to download it, and give it a try."

The Utah DWR surveyed the current technology and looked for ways to provide a leading edge solution that would enhance the outdoor experience for hunters and anglers. The Division developed the application to help the public easily find hunting locations, even in remote areas where they may not have mobile service. One great feature is the ability to store and display hunting and fishing licenses right from a mobile device. In fact, licenses for a whole family or group can all be stored on one smart phone.

One note: if you're hunting a wildlife species that requires you to place a paper tag on an animal after taking it, you must carry the tag with you and attach it to the animal after harvesting it.

Hunters and anglers can download all current valid licenses and new licenses to their mobile device and display them for game wardens. In addition they can:

  • Find public hunting lands
  • View Walk-In Access properties
  • Report poachers
  • Check shooting hours
  • Identify wildlife, waterfowl, and fish species found in Utah

You can download the app for free:

Download the iOS version from the Apple App Store
Download the Android version from the Google Play Store

Utah prairie dog still protected

A recent court decision has left some in southern Utah wondering whether the Utah prairie dog — a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act — is still protected in the state. The answer is yes. Although the court ruling invalidated federal protections on state and private lands, Utah prairie dogs are still fully protected by Utah state law.

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Pheasants still being released

Plenty of days are still available to hunt pheasants in Utah. And thousands of birds are still being released. Utah's pheasant hunt runs until Dec. 7 and hundreds of pheasants will be released on Thursdays or Fridays — just in time for hunters heading out for the weekend.

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Swans are flying into the marshes

Tundra swans are starting to migrate through Utah in good numbers. During an aerial survey on Nov. 4, Blair Stringham spotted more than 12,600 swans on marshes on the northeastern shore of Great Salt Lake.

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Wild turkeys doing well in Utah

Did you know that Utah has a thriving population of wild turkeys? More than 20,000 turkeys live in the state and Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year to see turkeys in the wild.

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Conference on future of Weber River

It's a puzzling picture: as the population in northern Utah grows, so does the demand on its water. That includes the water in the Weber River and its many tributary streams. How can a finite resource — a river of water — meet the needs of a growing human population?

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Gunnison Sage-grouse decision

A decision to list the Gunnison sage-grouse as threatened under the Endangered Species Act could hurt the bird more than help it, says the director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. "Placing the bird under the oversight of the federal government will greatly reduce our ability to help the bird," says Utah DWR Director Greg Sheehan.

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