Dedicated hunters

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Completing your service hours

As a Dedicated Hunter, you are required to perform hours of service, typically on conservation projects that benefit Utah's wildlife and habitat.

Projects may vary from helping in a DWR office to installing remote guzzlers, but all of your efforts matter. Without your help, many valuable projects would not be possible.

Find a project

Dedicated Hunter service hour credit can be given to wildlife and wildlife-recreation projects that are pre-approved by the DWR.

Keep in mind
  • Project leaders are often out in the field, away from their phones. Please be patient. They will respond to your calls and emails as soon as they can.
  • All volunteers are welcome on projects, but Dedicated Hunters may only claim their own service hours. Hours cannot be transferred from person to person.
  • The time you spend driving to and from a project will not be credited toward your service hours unless specifically noted in the project description.
  • You may purchase service hours at the current buyout rate of $20 per hour. Utah residents may purchase no more than 24 of the 32 required hours. Nonresidents may purchase all of their hours.
  • With the approval of the DWR, goods or services may be substituted for service hours, based upon current market values. Credit is applied at a rate of $20 per hour.
  • Excess service hours can only apply to the current three-year enrollment period. They may not be carried over to future enrollments.
  • If you finish your three-year enrollment but you haven't completed your 32 service hours, you are still required to complete the hours through service or payment.

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